Three’s a Party: A Very Lusty Lord

“I Want to be Led Astray”

House of Lords

House of Lords

We Americans have an imperfect and  overly proper view of Brits perhaps influenced by their wonderful way of speaking and all that royal pomp.

After all, how could anyone speaking like that be naughty?


Lord Sewel, a.k.a., Baron Sewel of Gilcomstoun, helps us understand.

The Baron is a bit red this morning.

Stripped Naked and Snorted Cocaine

The Red Baron

The Red Baron

With two prostitutes.

Should we mention he is 69?

The baron was apparently set up by the Sun on Sunday, one of London’s notorious tabloid papers.

At least part of the romp is videoed, certainly adding to the spectacle.

The House of Lords has been plagued by scandals, the most recent over a daily expense per diem the members are “entitled” to if they show up at all.

Some basically “clock in” just to collect the stipend.

(This may sound disturbingly familiar to IAFF members.)

The daily Lords allowance is $450, apparently just enough to cover the cost of the prostitutes though another day’s attendance would be needed to cover the drugs.

Lords are People, Too

That line of thought might work if Baron Sewel had not blogged recently in the Huffington Post, saying, “The requirement that members must always act on their personal honour has been reinforced.”

Not so much.

While the Brits seem to have a more, how shall we say it, progressive view of physical fidelity and paying for a romp, the introduction of an addictive substance is troublesome.

On the other hand, unlike the infamous Profumo affair, there does not seem to be assertions of sex for secrets by wily soviet vixens.

That would be a better story.



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