IAFF Corruption: On Motivation

A Force for Change

How many people outside the IAFF, longtime members, have spoken up about the corruption they witness in Washington?

At least six and almost certainly more.

While not in a position to know of everyone, those six are all seasoned leaders with decades of experience, and some are on the record.

They have provided written documentation, probably long-held and “squirreled-away”, highlighting abusive spending and worse.

Provided to whom is the $64,000 question.

Slay the Messengers?

As evidence mounts and word spreads of the corruption, members are leaving the IAFF.

They say, “This is not the union I joined.”

Some will rush to “slay the messengers” instead of calmly looking at the facts to see where they lead.

Is it appropriate for a leader of a union whose member’s average annual wage is $45K to easily spend twice that amount on fancy dinners each year?

Many dinners are $3500 each.

Is it appropriate for elected leaders to improperly take travel per diems which jeopardize our tax exempt status?

Some have collected tens-of-thousands of dollars unethically.

A Defiant Response

As the wall of silence has been breached at the IAFF the response has been one of internal aggressive defiance rather than a willingness to engage in introspection, evaluation and reform.

The wagons are circled, reformers are attacked, and prosecution is threatened.

It is a textbook example of a leader who has a) lost all contact with exterior realities and 2) someone who has surrounded themselves with yes men and women and sycophants.

Only Themselves to Blame

Their strategy against reformers and disclosers is to threaten, attack and destroy.

One of their threats is to “prosecute.”

Ah, what a foolish notion, ill thought out and certain to explode.

Anyone at all concerned about such an absurd threat would simply turn evidence over to a federal investigative authority such as the Department of Labor, Department of Justice, or the House Education and Workforce Committee.

They protect whistle-blowers and they also have subpoena power, a superb combination.

Care About Ethics?

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Stop the Schaitberger Corruption.

Be a part of Saving Our Union

Send some version of the sentence below, even a cut and paste, to the address just beneath it.

“I am a member of the International Association of Fire Fighters and I am requesting that the US DOL immediately begin to investigate allegations of corruption including illegal compensation and reckless and destructive spending by International Officers.  Thank you.”

Email to the US Department of Labor at:  olms-public@dol.gov


– See more at: http://www.turnoutblog.com/2015/08/13/iaff-if-the-corruption-crisis-were-a-working-fire/#sthash.VltSrWAf.dpuf
















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  • IslaFire says:

    I have asked leadership about some of these issues. The response I receive is that “Lamar is a shit stirrer.” Just passing that on Eric.

    I don’t like seeing members abandon our International. That is not the way to affect change.

    Harold is a powerful speaker. He always says the right things. But really, what has he done? The national collective bargaining bill was a HUGE failure. While we had a willing legislature and a willing President, the bill was not passed. That epic failure left many with an empty feeling.

    There is also the so-called “cadillac” tax on health insurance plans. Harold said he was trying to get it removed or reduced. Another epic failure.

    I believe in labor unions. I believe in having an affiliation with both state and international associations. But the local members need to see that their per diems are being used to their benefit. When they don’t, they will begin to leave.

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