IAFF Corruption: Our Most (un) Union-Like Leaders

Is There a Spine in the House?

The IAFF Executive Board has hired a company to spy on email and other communications of our union’s staff and (presumably) elected officials to find the “rat” as Harold Schaitberger terms it.

That’s right–the spineless board will allow Harold  Schaitberger to search their own email and communications in an act of obsequiousness only rivaled by Stalin’s lieutenants before they were led out to a cold Kremlin firing squad.

Do fire fighters and paramedics expect to enjoy any right to electronic privacy while on duty?

Is their use of a personal email account accessed through an employer server protected?

Can they use their own electronic device, phone, tablet, etc. with any measure of employee security rights?

Do IAFF members expect their union to protect them against unwarranted and improper electronic searches?

If you think the answer to any of these questions is yes, the IAFF is about to kick the stool right out from under you and your local union by blatantly undermining our concerns about excessive electronic surveillance as Comrade Harold spies on his own board and staff.

Our Union is supposed to fight for our rights, not undermine them.

Why are they doing this?

Funny You Should Ask

So, it’s pretty clear that damaging information regarding the Schaitberger high-life paid for by member’s dues has become public knowledge as well as the Board’s illicit taking of travel per diems.

What’s not clear at all is where (and from whom)  it is coming from.

In fact, it’s increasingly likely that the information is so extensive that the source can’t be solely from the IAFF, if at all.

The smart money is on folks long gone from the IAFF doing a data dump because enough is enough.

Schaitberger and his band of henchman are subverting union rights to avoid the disclosure of damaging, perhaps criminal information.

OPEIU Local 2?

Is Local 2, the union for the IAFF’s professional employees caught up in the net or is it just Schaitberger’s apparently not so trusted staff and elected board?

Will they just standby while the IAFF leadership tramples employee rights?

The IAFF Executive Board can screw IAFF members but Local 2 members are another story entirely.

Someone should seek an injunction before a judge and have the IAFF explain what IAFF “leaders” wish to do and why.

That would be an interesting hearing.

Ah, the level we have sunk to under Comrade Schaitberger.


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– See more at: http://www.turnoutblog.com/2015/08/13/iaff-if-the-corruption-crisis-were-a-working-fire/#sthash.OvspkI8x.dpuf






  • Don Jewett says:

    I’ve enquired several times what the Kings salary was and I’ve never been given a satisfactory answer. As a dues paying member for close to 38 years I expect a bit more respect and courtesy, instead I’m met with smoke screens and distractions.

    • Eric Lamar says:


      Base is $305,000 but he effectively lives off the IAFF credit card. We even pay his speeding and parking tickets.


  • Paul Hoffman says:

    Anti Union Union. While serving as a manager/ director under HAS it was always a contradiction and problematic personally when our WMD/ HazMat instructors were “CAPPED” as to how much they could earn in a grant year. Weekly and daily monitoring occurred to limit the instructor cadre staff. Why? HAS did not want the line fire fighters to make more than the District Vice Presidents. So, rather than assign instructors on their knowledge, merit, skill and contributions to our education programs they were CAPPED. How do I know this? I had to monitor the annual income of our “independent contractors.” I called bullshit…then and now.

  • Tom Moffett says:

    Eric, I have been following and quietly applauding your exposure of the inner workings of the IAFF for some time. But this one has me stumped. Many years ago, you and I had a philosophical difference of opinion, as to my participation in the WMD/HazMat Instructor Cadre. When we finally had a sit down in Tucson, you pulled out, and presented a copy of an email, that was a private email between me and a co-worker. You pointedly demanded to know the meaning and purpose of that email and attempted to use that in my dismissal from the Cadre. I’m aware that times and people change, but is this a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

    • Eric Lamar says:

      Tom, I have no recollection of the event you described. If someone shares an email with me voluntarily, it is hardly private. In any event,there is no comparison between electronic surveillance and someone sharing an email. Nice try. Eric

  • Dennis Grove says:

    I was a WMD/HAZ MAT instructor for more than 20 years and as of three weeks ago I was dismissed by Email with nothing more than two sentence paragraph saying ” your service is no longer needed”. I believe that after 40 years of devoted service my firing could have been a bit more. I still remember a quote from HMS at an IDC ” this Union is not a democracy ” and that has become apparent to many of us. I have witnessed the blatant corruption long before HMS was elected, so I guess it has become the status que. It’s time that dues paying members stand up and demand transparaency in the day to day operation of OUR union. We cannot stand Idley by and let our proud tradition be destroyed by a select few. If HMS has nothing to hide then he should welcome a full scale investagation into all aspects of the IAFF operations. Solidarity Now

  • Dennis Grove says:

    Eric please add me to your email

  • John says:

    KEEP SENDING MONEY, the high life is good, We need to increase dues, membership is down

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