IAFF Ethics: Edzo, The Movie


Credit: Edzo Facebook

Credit: Edzo Facebook

Scene one takes us through the meteoric and apparently pre-ordained ascension of “Edzo” from embryo to the Jupiter of Jakes.

He is fairly begotten, not made; a super-hero descended into our midst.

In the telling he smotes both fire and city hall even giving birth to Martin Walsh, current mayor of Boston.

Scene two is owned by the supporting characters, a Greek Chorus of local officers and district vice presidents who apparently know the future when they see it.

Leaders from Chicago, Seattle and New York sing the praises of the “Edzo.”

Even Danny Todd puts in a cameo appearance from Memphis.

By the way, is his hair real?

Scene three is where the plot thickens.

All Checks, No Balances

Edzo tells us we need democracy implying we have none now.

He’ll get no argument from me there but the executive board shares a substantial share of the blame for their self-interested and cowardly behavior.

He also talks of bringing “integrity” and “checks and balances” to the IAFF.

Again, who could argue with that?

However, he creates a confusing twist in an otherwise predictable plot when he trots out Father Time, also known as Mike Mullane, Third District IAFF Vice President and senior member of the current executive board.

Dear Old Mike says the IAFF “desperately needs checks and balances.”

Really now?

Father Time has backed every single Schaitberger play wherein any semblance of accountability has been shredded, exploded, annihilated.

He has repeatedly given Schaitberger cover when he needed it, including on the house purchase conflict of interest.

He has weakened our ethics.

He even supports spying on IAFF staff.

Edzo should have Mike Mullane name one time when he fought for a meaningful check or balance against Harold Schaitberger.

There would be complete and utter silence.

Speaking of Father Time, where he is concerned, it’s all checks and no balances and they are made out to,  and endorsed by, him.

Mike Mullane knows a travel per diem when he sees one, be he travelling or not.

Mostly not.

(Note to Father Time: driving 1.8 miles from your house to 718’s office does not qualify for an $80 travel per diem.)

Having Mike Mullane as your ethics spokesman is like having Jack the Ripper narrate a date rape prevention video.

Jupiter Jake needs to find another “checks and balances backer upper” and be damn quick about it.

Some Relevant Questions for Jupiter Jake

Has the audited financial position of Local 718 and the Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts improved during his tenure as leader of both organizations?

Provide audited reports showing a breakout of salary and expenses for the last three years in each office.

Has he ever served as a trustee on a pension board?

If so, provide audited investment returns for the years he was trustee.

Provide a list of travel and travel expenses while a board trustee.

Anyone running for General-Secretary Treasurer should prove their specific fitness for that office.

And finally, while he calls out the Schaitberger/Lee team for being long-in-the-tooth, crowing about being at Worcester and the Ground Zero Pile is utterly irrelevant,  ancient history and frankly tacky.

If you feel the need to associate yourself with honored dead, don’t do it as part of a political campaign.

See you at the movies.

Edzo, the Movie:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-7aVvnfx9A









  • John Teefy says:

    The people reading this latest attack piece should know a few things about Eric and his view of friendship and brotherhood. For full disclosee I’m in the hospital recovering from surgery, it’s 0400 Phoenix time and I can’t sleep.
    Eric and I were friends for 20 years. I knew about his personal life and didn’t care. I knew he could be difficult to work around and for but I wrote it off to dedication. In hind site I watched Eric use his position to bully and intimidate people who disagreed with him. He never did it to me so I told myself I didn’t have the whole story, Eric must have had good reason. That’s how I thought brothers backed each other up.
    That was 20 years of friendship, until the day I challenged him, respectfully , about his attacks on the IAFF leadership. I found out what Eric’s view of brotherhood is. Since I spoke up we have had 7 FF suicides on PFD, all brothers but 2 were close personal friends. Did I hear one word from my “brother”? Not one. I was injured extensively on a 2nd alarm hazmat fire in south Phoenix leading to 4 surgeries, knee, elbow, and 2 back fusions. The latest one was yesterday and has ended my career. Did I get one call, one text, one ” are you doing ok brother”? Nope.
    My son was hired by Phoenix, a huge event. I must have missed that call too.
    Even after our disagreement I never would have treated Eric like that. That’s not how we view brotherhood in Phoenix, and I know it’s not how they live it in Boston.
    I’ll defend and take up for a Mike Mullane, any and all the Mullanes for that matter, or an Edzo every time over a mean spirited, shitty friend like you.
    The Eric I called brother is no more. All that’s left is a bitter, sad, lonely shell driven by ego and hate.
    No go on and tell your 15 other readers what a terrible guy i am. I would expect no less.

    • Eric Lamar says:

      The issue is ethics and cleaning up the IAFF.

      A year ago, I was accused of attacking Harold Schaitberger in some sort of long-held and mean spirited vendetta.

      Today, the same charge is (falsely) leveled again.

      Attack away, help yourself, pull out all the stops, do the dirty work.

      I am going where the issue (and the facts) take me.

      This morning, you and others have to face the inconvenient truth that I have been issue driven, cleaning up the IAFF, rather than personally driven, out to get [fill in the blank].

      In your confusion you need to strike out as the ground shifts beneath you.

      That leads you to personally attack me, the very thing you accuse me of.

      Irony noted.

      But, the ground under me is solid.

      Get well and stay well.

  • John Teefy says:

    Your ego is on steroids. You sound like trump. Thanks god we have you to save us all from that which only you can see. I’m not sure if this is more inductive axe to grind or seeking desperately to matter again. My bet is 50/50. You dozen readers should also make note of your hypocrisy. You didn’t say shit about anything until you got your pension and cashed your check. You never turned down a raise or a free dinner.
    You are one of my biggest disappointments. I’m usually a pretty good judge in friends.
    And yes, This is personal.

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