IAFF Corruption: $795.30

Living the High-Life, On Us

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I’ve never spent $795 in a restaurant in my life.

Even when I treat friends and family I can’t remember it costing more than $400.

I guess it’s the restaurants we go to and what we choose to eat (and drink.)

I don’t think I’m any different than other firefighters and paramedics.

We can’t afford over-the-top meals and we really don’t want them.

When Only the (Very) Best Will Do



So, imagine then, General President Schaitberger’s dinner on the IAFF credit card where the bill isn’t $795, that’s just the tip.

That’s right, about a week’s net wages for many IAFF members as a dinner tip.

The actual bill was $4771.80, more than a month’s wages for many of us.

For a single meal.

That we paid for.

$8,000 in Eight Hours

Well, perhaps you will say that the receipt was “cherry-picked” from among thousands of receipts.

How about this: same restaurant, the very next night, a $3,112 dinner bill including a $541.47 tip.



A few bucks shy of $8,000 in two nights for high-life living on the back’s of the members.

That’s nearly 20% of the entire annual salary for many of our members for just TWO meals.

A Schaitberger dinner can drag on for up to four torturous hours so that’s about a grand an hour.

Question Time

The question is what are we going to do about the crime of wasted millions of dollars that should have gone to help our members and strengthen our union?

Together, we can sweep out the garbage and remake the IAFF once again into a proud and honest union for our 100th anniversary.

The most obvious place to start is the 2016 elections and they are underway now.

While you are at Redmond go to Kelly Fox, Ed Kelly or Jim Lee, all candidates for IAFF General-Secretary Treasurer, and ask them if they think that is the way union dues should be spent?

Ask them what they would do to clean up our union.

Make your endorsement decision on what they pledge to do to save our union.

Don’t be satisfied with bullshit and irrelevant answers.

Then, ask the same questions of your current DVP (if they plan to run again) and to all new DVP candidates in every district.

Let me know their answer, if they actually have one, please.

Make ethics and honesty THE ISSUE in every race because that is how we will once again take control of our union.

Don’t waste this opportunity.

Care About Ethics?

Then “Share” this Post.

Stop the Schaitberger Corruption.

Be a part of Saving Our Union.

Send some version of the sentence below, even a cut and paste, to the address just beneath it.

“I am a member of the International Association of Fire Fighters and I am requesting that the US DOL immediately begin to investigate allegations of corruption including illegal compensation and reckless and destructive spending by International Officers.  Thank you.”

Email to the US Department of Labor at:  olms-public@dol.gov


  • Mike Mohler says:

    Everyone keep in mind that these dinners follow a convention where our General President sponsored a resolution that gave the IAFF Executive Board a 64% pay raise. While many of us challenged the merits of a 64% pay raise at a time when Union Fire Fighters, all across the United States, were being denied cost of living increases and having vital benefits cut to balance municipal budgets. At the same time this resolution was being passed the convention body killed a resolution calling for ethics reform. Ask your Local President, State President and IAFF DISTRICT VICE PRESIDENT how they voted on ethics reform. Prepare yourself for the answer because it may piss you off.

  • Anthony Drawers says:

    I’m all for cleaning house and am not surprised about our Union Prez. It’s what they strive for, to take care of themselves and the little woman. But look at the dates on those receipts. Got anything more recent? I sure he hasn’t changed his spending.

  • Concerned IAFF Member says:

    Eric, can you provide any additional information on the dinners? I.E. who attended, and what was the purpose.

  • Jeremy says:

    What’s the context of these dinners? One of the jobs of the president is to lobby politicians and that includes wining and dinning.

    • Eric Lamar says:

      I’ll give you $50 for every politician at either of those dinners. Will you give me $50 for every IAFF member around that table?

      Members of Congress have a gift rule limit of $50. You couldn’t get an appetizer and a drink for $50 at Il Mulino.

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