IAFF Corruption: That Ole’ Grey Goose

Let’s Hope It Was At Least The Grand-Daddy Size

Grey Goose

Grey Goose

Mr. Schaitberger’s distinct preference for Grey Goose Vodka is legendary.

Less well known is how much of your money he would pay to have a bottle of it delivered to his hotel suite.

The vast majority of folks staying in a hotel who want a drink will go to the bar and buy one.

The thrifty sort might bring a bottle or some miniatures in their luggage.

If it was a very special occasion you might consider ordering a cocktail from room service.

What The High-Rollers Do

First, it’s good to know that you can buy a 1.75 liter bottle of Grey Goose vodka at Costco for $60.

Not cheap, but they do say it’s good stuff.

Unfortunately, it’s not that cheap when you have your bottle wheeled up to the suite on a room service cart.

How not cheap?



$174 for a single bottle.

Actually, the booze is “only” $130 but it costs another $44 for the trip up to the suite on the elevator.

Of course, you could just go to the neighborhood liquor store and buy a 750mm bottle of Grey Goose off the shelf for $30, the exact cost of the room service delivery fee.


The Context

This is the kind of information the IAFF leadership is trying to hide by hiring a firm to spy on IAFF employees.

Not trade secrets or affiliate contracts or labor strategy, just the shameful details of how they spend our money.

It simultaneously shows how divorced they are from reality and how far they will go to protect their “high-life” purchased with member dues.

Care About Ethics?

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Be a part of Saving Our Union.

Send some version of the sentence below, even a cut and paste, to the address just beneath it.

“I am a member of the International Association of Fire Fighters and I am requesting that the US DOL immediately begin to investigate allegations of corruption including illegal compensation and reckless and destructive spending by International Officers.  Thank you.”

Email to the US Department of Labor at:  olms-public@dol.gov




  • Paul Hoffman says:

    Don’t forget the Silver Oak or Franciscan…oh but wait we do have some kind of wine deal via the IAFF for gift giving…Right?

  • Gerry Gay says:

    Is this the best you can do. First and formost the slip is 5 years old. August 19, 2010. As one brother put it, their is a process to fix this if true and this blog is not the answer. I don’t know you but It’s just taking your credibility within the IAFF down along with calling our union, your union corrupt. Am not corrupt or are you. Take this to the next convention. Let do this right way Thanks brother

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