IAFF Corruption: Enter Some (Private) Dicks

The Lenzner Firm

Dick Tracy

Dick Tracy

General President Harold Schaitberger and the IAFF board have hired an “outside counsel”, the Lenzner Firm, to “review…recent incidents that suggest that some proprietary documents are in the possession of persons who are not authorized to have them.”

Perhaps he is talking about the US Department of Labor or the New York Times.

Amazingly, the Board, normally catatonic, pushed back against Our Dear Leader when he initially suggested spying on his own staff and members.

Some even regretted their agreeing to the idea at all.

He soothed their frayed nerves and all was well: they’ll just look at process and procedure, he said.

Of course, once the contract is signed and the “firm” is in the door with Our Dear Leader directing their activities, anything goes.

The Deception Has Already Begun

Our Dear Leader and his obedient minions may be saying “Lenzner Firm” but they have, in fact,  retained Investigative Group International (IGI), private eyes, private dicks, whatever.

You have to admit, Lenzner Firm sounds much more innocuous then “investigative group.”

IGI says they collect timely, accurate intelligence and conduct confidential fact-finding investigations with the utmost discretion.


They also say, “Our clients typically retain The Lenzner Firm, which in turn engages, directs and supervises IGI. Our unique model provides clients the significant advantage of conferring attorney-client privilege and confidentiality on our investigative work product and relevant communications.”

Unique model?


Translation: The IAFF spies on its own staff and members using the cover of attorney-client privilege so it can all remain veiled in secrecy.

Some Straight Talk

It now seems obvious that Labor and the Times are in possession of information indicating financial fraud and fiscal impropriety on the part of Harold Schaitberger and the IAFF executive board.

In addition to the reckless credit card spending totaling hundreds-of-thousands of dollars, both Schaitberger and the board are guilty of receiving travel per diems they are not entitled to.

In a nice touch of irony the thieves have hired investigators to determine who may have leaked evidence of their theft meaning staff and IAFF members may be investigated.

Speaking of irony, IGI trumpets that they are experts in fraud detection and that they have, “created…a proprietary suspicious financial transaction monitoring system.”

The IAFF could surely use one of those to protect us from our own leaders.

Schaitberger may have hired IGI for this reason alone, “We (IGI) have conducted internal investigations into allegations raised by whistleblowers and in other cases have obtained exculpatory evidence in client companies’ criminal defense.”

The corruption of our union is perpetrated by our own executive board and they have hired a firm to mitigate their exposure.

And, best of all, we are paying for it with our dues.

I swear, you couldn’t make it up.

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– See more at: http://www.turnoutblog.com/2015/09/25/iaff-corruption-schaitberger-spying-confirmed/#sthash.SzvfYNYV.dpuf


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