Chief Grey Goose and the Savage Squaw

Smoke Signals in the Distance?

An Iowa Warrior

An Iowa Warrior

This past weekend the New York Times reported that the IAFF was backing away from an endorsement of Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton in the 2016 race for U.S. President.

Sandy McGhee, an I.A.F.F. board member from Oklahoma, said in the Times, “Secretary Clinton doesn’t sell well here.”

About as well as snake oil at a Tecumseh rodeo.

Sandy’s comment is what we call high-level intel masquerading as some serious under-statement.

Amazingly, in the nation’s newspaper of record and on a topic of such import, one person isn’t quoted: Harold Schaitberger.

Was he even asked?

Still, one or more mystery “union officials” did cough up some Texas-size details.

Here’s one that is as close as we get to an Our Dear Leader Pronouncement.

“Mr. Schaitberger worried that a Clinton endorsement could deeply divide the firefighters.”

Since there is no effective expectation of  grass roots input into the endorsement decision, why would IAFF members have their headdresses ruffled?

We  might study the smoke signals for his ever divine intentions, that is, if we cared to.

But What About Tough Leaders Making Tough Decisions?

Harold Schaitberger professes to be “dancing with the candidates” 24/7 with or without the war paint on.

Perhaps the teepee just got a little too hot.

Here I thought he and Squaw Clinton were budroes, you know, joined at the hip.


When it came time for the poison-tipped arrow, he was no-where to be seen.

He finally called her campaign manager and dropped the bomb.

Nice touch.

He doesn’t have Hillary Clinton’e cell number?

Enter the Wily Brave Ascendant

Some will think that Hillary Clinton as president would be the oddest election ever.

Her’s would pale in comparison to the 2013 election of Terry McAuliffe as Virginia’s governor in his first ever run for political office.

At least she has a record to run on.

In the close knit world of Beltway Tribal politics the Squaw, the Brave and the Chief are war-hooping injuns with stories to tell.

Chief Grey Goose slipped Brave Terry a cool $200K of IAFF funds in 2013 alone for his primary run without an opponent.

Speaking of phone calls, the one I would like to listen in on is when Hillary calls Terry and asks if he knew that his best’us ever warrior-bud Chief Grey Goose was going south faster than a coyote with fresh road kill?

Perhaps he said, Gee, Hill, he’s always been nice to me.







  • Reid Shimabukuro says:

    You’re a fuckin coward! If you hate the way our General President leads this union the you should just quit! You had the perfect opportunity to face the IAFF delegation at the Cincinnati Covention in 2014 but you never showed…..go figure! Instead you sit behind the computer and take your shots at dividing this union! Fuck you! I’ve asked you politely to remove me from your email list but instead on honoring by demand you keep sending me bullshit! If you understand anything about unionism and if you want change, then let your vote speak on your behalf! You disgrace this profession and the many men and women who contributed to keep its honor alive. Last time, take me off of this bullshit list!

  • Marvin Wilson says:

    Either grow some and file charges or hush! i.e. STFU
    What do you expect to gain?

  • Eric Lamar says:

    Do you brain surgeons have any idea how the IAFF trial board system really works?

    Read up on it and get back to me.

    There is zero chance of the IAFF dealing honestly with these ethics issues.

    That is why exterior disclosure is essential.

    Good night.

  • Jacob Hill says:

    Wow, could that have been any more racist? You do realize that there are still people living that are descendant of indigenous people lucky enough to have escaped the biggest genocide this world has ever seen? Native people aren’t just a Hollywood creation; they are my family and friends. Your post has nothing to do with the native people of this country, yet you litter it with racial slurs and uncouth references. Your metaphors and adjectives give no depth to your commentary. All you did was throw out a bunch of racism and generalizations referencing natives to up your word count. Your post “A Confederacy of Dunces”, denounces those that appropriated the “confederate flag” as a symbol of hate, yet you turned around and did the same thing by throwing out racial slurs and appropriating native themes to put others down.
    It’s sad that once again someone that does not appear to be from native origin throwing out racism against the people whose land you now occupy. Please don’t try to tell me that your grandmother was a “Cherokee princess” and so it’s ok because you are offended. If you aren’t registered with a tribe or don’t actually participate in traditional ceremonies, then you can’t even start down that road of trying to justify your racism. I am going to share this with my family and friends in hope that they comment as well so that you can see that native people are alive and well, and trying to overcome the genocide, racism, and oppression of those that colonized them. Maybe then you’ll think twice before making a mockery of the culture of others.

  • Korynn says:

    Eric, you’re a racist moron who thinks that using an entire ethnic group of people as a joke to fuel your political agenda is funny. I can’t imagine you’re a very good example of firefighter/emt/whatever since obviously you get to pick and choose which colors of people matter more. Maybe don’t call others stupid until you have proven yourself otherwise.

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