IAFF Politics: Hillary (and Jim?) Getting the “Harold” Treatment

It’s Starting to Look Like the IAFF 4th District Race


Over the summer Harold Schaitberger plotted the strategy designed to engineer the presidential endorsement of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US election.

According to Reuters, “In June, IAFF President Harold Schaitberger, with the assent of the board, told the Clinton campaign that the union was strongly leaning toward endorsing Clinton, pending a formal board vote, the Times said.”

In fact, things were so “hot and heavy” that the Times reported IAFF staff traveled to the Brooklyn-based Clinton campaign headquarters to hammer out the details.

Alas, US Vice-President Joe Biden became the subject of rumors regarding a possible candidacy and the gang of ancient white men, a.k.a., the IAFF executive board, dropped Hillary at the campaign altar.

And, So Much for the Principled Stand

Last winter Schaitberger was the darling of the AFL-CIO board when he took a vocal and hard-line stance over congressional support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

He cut campaign funding from congressional members supporting TPP, even many who are otherwise strong supporters of labor.

Was this a rare show of principle?

Uh, no.

While Hillary Clinton has taken the IAFF position regarding TPP, Schaitberger and the IAFF board dropped her in favor of a possible Biden run even though Biden strongly embraces TPP.

(Sorry, AFL, you should have known better than to trust our Harold.)

Schaitberger takes phony political stands which a) either make him look good or b) increase his personal power, but he will cut and run in a minute.

He’s In, Now He’s Out

Cap’n Dumbf**k, a.k.a. Joe Biden, flirted with a 2016 run and wound up leaving us at the altar in the same manner we left Mrs. Clinton.

Schaitberger is running through perspective 2016 presidential candidates the same way he has embraced and discarded five or so successive candidates for the IAFF 4th district board seat.

And, all quicker than Lamar Odom at the Love Ranch.

First one, then the other, then the next one.

Who’s left?

Of course, IAFF General Secretary-Treasurer Candidate Jim Lee should be watching all this very closely.

Many are those who thought they were Harold Schaitberger’s anointed one only to discover they were sadly mistaken.

If Jim is Harold’s guy, why doesn’t he endorse him?

Perhaps Lee doesn’t think the endorsement would help, or worse yet, might hurt his chances.

Now, that would be telling.

This all amply illustrates the earlier comment that Schaitberger’s political calculation is about what is best for him, rather than the issues that matter most to rank-and-file union members.

As the Times recently pointed out, he is more than happy to advance his own causes, even at the expense of the future of the IAFF.

This is what happens when a person with questionable values seizes control of an organization and rules it as if it were his kingdom.



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  • Mike Mohler says:

    Who remembers the early Chris Dodd endorsement for President (all Schaitberger) when Biden, Clinton, Obama and other candidates supportive of IAFF rank and file members were still in the race. Where did that get us?

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