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Pete Gorman

Pete Gorman

It is a sad day when a union and fire service leader of Pete Gorman’s caliber is fired by the likes of the current IAFF president. During 9/11, while Pete was dealing with the loss of members of his local as well as missing and injured members he still took time to make sure the lost member of the NY Fire Patrol, a small IAFF local in NYC,was not overlooked with regard to the IAFF. In 2006 when the Fire Patrol was fighting to save their jobs, more assistance was given by the two FDNY locals than the international. Pete was always there to offer advice and guidance. It seems it’s time for change at the top and the firing of Pete Gorman should be the wake up call to begin making those changes.

Richard Heffernan

Pete was my Lieutenant and then Captain of Engine 40 FDNY. He is one of the founding members of The CAVE. Pete’s leadership goes way back. Schaitberger said he’s not loyal, I call BULLSHIT to that. Pete Gorman is a friend and a good man.

Ray Pfeifer, FDNY

Pete was greatly admired as a leader for us in the UFOA Local 854 (FDNY) and still holds true at the IAFF. He would be a more than qualified to replace Shaitberger. Harold has been there too long and he needs pack it in!

Jim Grismer

He (Schaitberger)  fumbled backing the Democrat for president and he is really screwed up getting rid of one of the best union people Pete Gorman.

Tom Evans – Squad 288 FDNY Ret.

Where are all the rabid Harold supporters now? Pete is a great guy and was an asset at HQ.

Alex Johnson

I’ve known Petey since 1975. He was the best company delegate and the best UFOA President (Sorry AL, Jack, Richie) we ever had. But mostly, he is the biggest asset the IAFF has ever had.

George McQueen Captain FDNY Ret

…I’ve known and worked with Pete Gorman for 20+ years, he is beyond reproach. Time for a change of leadership at the IAFF.

Artie Barnett

I don’t know HS’s reasoning. I do know that Pete Gorman, as a Firefighter, Fire Officer, and Union President is universally respected for his leadership, knowledge, and capability. His loyalty to the IAFF, the UFOA, and the members he serves is unquestioned.

Nick Visconti- Deputy Chief FDNY RET.

I know Pete since 1981 and as I read the remarks above, I see seasoned, true blue firefighters that have worked with him, know him well, and have watched him defend the firefighters when they are wronged. Pete worked in busy places throughout his career, he knows the firefighters & fire officers needs. He is a calm, steady leader with a cool head and a quick wit. And since we mentioned loyal, he is as loyal as the day is long. I have watched him stand up to the threats and take a stand for what is right. I do not know H.A.S., but if he fired Pete, and I had to make a choice, I stand behind Pete. Pete for IAFF President!

Tony Tricarico – Spc Ops Capt FDNY Ret.

It’s time..for the Feds to step in..Gorman is a NYC Firefighter…Schaitberger is a lousy useless Politician…After 9-11-01… At the UFA meeting …he strutted around like , the cock on the walk…and the UFA …paying $$700 ,0000 yearly in dues .,.FOR WHAT….?his suits ,travel, dinners,, Perks…and 14 years later…the FireWire …getting let’s say……Warnings…and WE are Dying Daily…and many still getting sick…Me too…!

Bert Hickey Ret. FF, FDNY

Captain Gorman – with respect, Pete – is one of the most honorable officers I had the privilege to serve under. His integrity is personified in all he has accomplished for the members of 40/35, 854 and every Company Pete has been affiliated with. His integrity should never be questioned. Everyone upstairs in the IAFF Offices know the man that’s carried, cared and cried – selflessly. I hope you run Capt. We need integrity representing us again. Lt. Chris Maloney, former member Eng. 40 and Lad. 35.

Chris Maloney

What ethical person would want to accept an appointment to be the next Chief of Staff for a crook like Schaitberger. He will not be able to find another person as competent and dignified as Brother Pete Gorman. Every member of the executive board and every State President who choose not to call out ODL for this latest act should consider themselves part of what is wrong with the IAFF.

Mike Mohler

What loss to the IAFF. Their is no finer an advocate that has the Firefighters back. Never swaded by polical pressure.

Ret. Lt. Joseph Berry
Ladder 42 Bx.

I have known Pete since I was Capt. of E42 in the mid 70’s and he was a fireman in L 56, (same house) . He impressed me early on as a bright, clever, hardworking guy. I was delighted to see him rise up the ranks both in FDNY and also in Local 854. I wonder what the underside of Schaitberger’s bus looks like. Pete found out. Could it have been over the Zadroga bill?

Larry Hatton

Pete Gorman was the president of Local 854 during some turbulent times
He was a great union president and was always making sure our safety was a paramount issue in any contract negotiations with the administration of the FDNY.

Joe Curry

Local 94 and Local 854 need to remain in the IAFF. In unity there is strength. The problem is not the IAFF. The problem is its leader. Hopefully Pete will run for President.

Tom Kennedy – Deputy Chief FDNY Ret.

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  • Mike Mohler says:

    As soon as Pete gives the sign we should start raising money for “Gorman for IAFF General President”. Even without opponents Schaitberger pressured affiliate leaders to donate large sums of money to demonstrate their loyalty to ODL. One of my biggest regrets.

  • Alex Johnson says:

    Put me down for $500

  • Milton Painter says:

    Count me in for $500

  • Mike Mohler says:

    Pete, if you are paying attention to this $1500.00 in commitments here and others have contacted me privately with similar amounts. Only from IAFF members consistent with Federal Landrum Griffith Act. I seriously doubt that Schaitberger can say that his contributions are legal under Landrum Griffith.

  • David B Foreman says:

    Pete is a genuine union leader and a great guy. Harold is phony who can’t accept criticism or disagreement. He continues to surround himself with bobble heads. If you dare to disagree he will do whatever he can to harm you.

  • David B Foreman says:

    I will definitely contribute

  • Robert Marshall says:

    Follow the money $$$$$$$$$$ = Greed

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