IAFF Corruption: The Lackey Search Update

 New “Chief of Staff”

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After firing Local 854’s Pete Gorman, who gave eight years of very effective service to the IAFF, Harold Schaitberger may be finding it difficult to find a “chief” for several reasons.

Anyone who interacted with Gorman found him to be straightforward, and approachable with integrity.

Schaitberger won’t make that mistake again.

His next “chief” will be solely devoted to the cause of Harold Schaitberger rather than being concerned about the IAFF, its members or affiliates.

Schaitberger and Loyalty

Schaitberger’s conception of loyalty is not to the ideals of the IAFF, but rather strictly to himself.

As longtime IAFF leader Dave Foreman says, “Harold is [a] phony who can’t accept criticism or disagreement. He continues to surround himself with bobble heads. If you dare to disagree he will do whatever he can to harm you.”

Virginia’s Mike Mohler also said, “Schaitberger was constantly disrespectful when speaking of [former GST] Vinnie Bollon behind the scenes but was able to jerk out a tear when he past (sic). Harold Schaitberger is loyal to no one but himself.”

The next “chief” will need to be capable of blind obedience and total, unswerving loyalty, not to the IAFF, but rather to Harold Schaitberger.

The Candidates

Sources say the likely choices are either Jeff Zack or Kevin O’Connor, both currently serving as assistants to Schaitberger.

Zack was never a firefighter and so is not an IAFF member while O’Connor was a firefighter in Maryland for a number of years.

Happily for Schaitberger, Zack’s background is public relations and O’Connor’s is politics, two areas he is obsessed with to the exclusion of the substance of any issue.

It’s very doubtful that either of them has what it takes to build or inspire an effective and positive team on an organization-wide basis.

In fact, the idea of O’Connor being in any way responsible for the details of day-to-day operations is laugh-out-loud funny.

I’d vote for Mr. Bean before O’Connor.

The True Test

Whoever winds up in the seat should know that the true test of loyalty to Schaitberger is likely to be the expectation that they will commit perjury under oath.

The way things are heading it is only a matter of time before right hands are raised.

Why the willingness to lie?

Because Schaitberger once told me, in the most matter-of-fact way, that he would lie to a judge in a civil matter.

It only makes sense that he would expect the same from his uber-lieutenant as the crisis continues to unfold.

What Schaitberger Ought to Do (But Won’t)

Make Jim Lee his chief of staff.

If Jim Lee’s ability to win the 2016 GST’s race is in doubt, his ability to unify and lead a team isn’t.

In fact, Lee has already proven that he can entirely revamp (and run) a significant portion of the IAFF, as he has done the last several years in the GST’s office.

And, Lee is among the most experienced IAFF leaders to ever hold a staff position in Washington.

Would Jim Lee lie under oath?  I sure hope not.

But, he has bought into some of Schaitberger’s bullshit probably because of personal ambition.

He certainly wouldn’t be the first to make that mistake.

While Jim Lee may be ambitious, under that ambition is a very experienced IAFF leader who believes in the principles of our union and is quite capable of being his own man should he choose to be.

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  • William Huddleston says:

    Tell us a little about yourself Eric! What makes you such a behind the scenes expert? Forgive me if I don’t recognize your name but I’m going to need to know a lot more about you before I buy into all of this.

  • Neil S says:

    I have no idea how you got my e-mail, or why you think it is okay to subscribe my e-mail to a list-serve. But please remove it, immediately.

  • Jeff says:

    I;m neither agreeing nor disagreeing but the fact that you’re flying the IAFF local and publicly, blatantly (and to the best of my knowledge with unsubstantiated information) bashing the GP seems a bit fishy to me.

    At best you’re a hater. At worst a liar. Neither seems to be an effort towards positive change. We’re all entitled to our opinions but I don’t think I need yours forcefed to me.

    How did you get my address and how do I unsubscribe?


  • IslaFire says:

    Jim Lee is running for GST next year is he not? Which would be better, having him as COS or GST?

  • Steven A. Miller says:

    Eric, I don’t know you and you don’t know me. But I’ve known Kevin O’Connor for over 30 years. There is no one I know whom I trust with my and my family’s future more than he. Kevin has been a dedicated Brother in the engine house and working his way up the ladder in our local, IAFF Local 1311, Baltimore County Professional Firefighters Association. You speak if integrity. To me, integrity does not endorse name calling and personal attacks. If you have a story to tell, tell it. But tell it with facts and not hyperbole. Tell it with truth, not innuendo. Obviously I have no idea what happened between the GP and Captain Gorman. I’ll leave it to historians to figure that out. But what I do know, to me, it seems you are the one with the agenda to fill

    • Eric Lamar says:

      I am totally comfortable with my remarks.

      I am dumbfounded when you say, “Obviously I have no idea what happened between the GP and Captain Gorman. I’ll leave it to historians to figure that out.”

      Your lack of interest speaks volumes.

      It will be especially telling if O’Connor or Zack step into Pete’s former position.

      Ambition and power have no limits.

  • Steven A. Miller says:

    My interest is anything but lacking. What is lacking are facts. I personally like to make decisions and commentary when all of the facts are known. I do not make comments or write blogs when all of the facts are unknown or when I have an agenda to advance based on rumor, innuendo or half truths.
    I do not have the facts or am I in a position to know them. That’s why I said it’s for others who DO know to make those decisions.
    I suggest we all wait to see what all the facts are. And to be sure they are presented by people who have no other interest that to see our Union succeed and advance, rather than people who wish to see it destroyed from the inside.

    • Eric Lamar says:

      There are more facts out there than there have ever been.

      You either don’t read them or you dismiss them.

      Do me a favor: ask Kevin O’Connor if he agrees with the firing of Pete Gorman, and if so why?

      In other words, instead of just yammering on, create some facts.

      You said “rather than people who wish to see it destroyed from the inside.”

      Prove that, if you can.

  • David B Foreman says:

    My experience with Pete Gorman was that he really was talented leader. He did seem to be very straight forward knowledgeable and trust worthy. He seemed to portray and value integrity something Harold would never understand or value. I wonder when Harold is all alone in his hotel room late at night, how often he thinks to himself. What will they think if they find out who I really am. He has done a wonderful job of fooling people for a long long time.

  • Newton Gamewell says:

    Look and see which board members got a salary and the size of some of their per-diems; look at the expenses and the steak houses. Where are the lies?


    Select “view a union report.”

    Type “IAFF’ in the Union name by abbreviation area and click on the “submit” button.

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page to report 000-317 and click on the 2014 report.

  • Brian Boyce says:

    Kevin O’Connor has always been a straight shooter. He is employed to do a job and he does it extremely well. He has not been elected to represent firefighters as the DVP’s have. His loyalty is to the organization he works for and his responsibility is to do what is asked. Your attack on him is unwarranted, he does his job really well. If you want to bash the ‘Coach’ (Schaitberger) for a losing season or bad decisions then the criticism goes with the job. Bashing the players who do what they are hired to do is unwarranted. You have offered no proof of anything regarding Mr. O’Connor agreeing with Pete Gorman’s firing. All innuendo, unsupported by facts, and lacking of any credibility.

    • Eric Lamar says:

      We know live in an IAFF “world” where criticism is apparently not allowed.

      I don’t buy that.

      By the way, I didn’t make a statement, I asked a question:

      Ask Kevin O’Connor if he agrees with the firing of Pete Gorman, and if so why?

      I am still waiting on an answer.

  • Snow White says:

    Eric, why are you so incredibly unhappy? You really need to find a more productive hobby, stop spewing such awful things, and find some personal happiness. Reading your blog is like watching a train wreck. Very sad.

    And randomly emailing people who didn’t ask to receive your blog posts and then expecting *them* to mark your emails as “spam” is horrible.

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