American Horror: “Please, God, No”

“To Care For Him Who Shall Have Borne The Battle”

A. Lincoln

This Wednesday is Veteran’s Day when we both remember and honor the millions of Americans who have served our country in the military.

I want to concentrate on one in particular: Andrew Alan Myers.

Andrew Alan Myers

Andrew Alan Myers

A Saturday Morning Bike Ride

Andrew Myers was on a bike ride Saturday a week ago in downtown Colorado Springs.

Myers was riding on North Prospect Street when he encountered Noah Harpham.

Harpham was carrying an AR-15, a 9mm pistol and .357 revolver, all legally purchased.

Harpham shot and killed Myers using the AR-15.

A Decorated Veteran

Like thousands of personnel serving in the post 9/11 military, Andrew Myers was deployed numerous times.

Stationed in Germany for ten years, he endured three tours in Iraq where he serviced helicopters.

He was a decorated veteran with two young sons.

Myers served his country in a war zone only to return home to be slaughtered in broad daylight in the town where he lived.

But, it gets worse.

He Begged for His Life

It must have happened in seconds but Myers assessed the situation enough to know his life was on the line.

This young man who risked his life fighting a war begged for it at home, saying, “Please, God, no. Don’t shoot me.”

No mercy was granted to Andrew Myers.

Let us all recoil in horror at the manner and the terror surrounding his death, on the streets of our country.

He begged for mercy and was shunned.

Blood on Your Hands?

Our national main street, Facebook, is full of memes espousing support for veterans and active duty personnel; it’s nothing more than “push button” fake concern.

Facebook is also clogged with messages extolling the virtuousness of unfettered firearm possession often with a “militia flair” connecting up constitutional rights with the supposed defense of our country.

Limitless firearm possession also becomes symbolic of a pro-military and fake patriotic ethos.

It’s more or less true that we live in a constitutional democracy where people express their views by voting and elected leaders create laws to reflect those views.

That’s exactly how US firearm policy makes it so easy for Noah Harpham to make Army veteran Andrew Myers beg for his life and then murder him anyway.

If you are content with the current state of “guns in America”, if you think more guns are better, than your finger was on that AR-15 trigger just the same as Harpham’s because you just can’t have it both ways.

“Man-up” and claim your success.

Maybe there’s even a meme on Facebook you can select and send.

Happy Veteran’s Day.






  • Smitty says:

    Thanks for sharing this story, Eric. Thanks, too, for pointing out fake patriotism wrapped in the guise of Constitutional Rights. The 2nd amendment has been repeatedly challenged in the courts during the course of our 239 year history, and repeatedly, the courts have held that the 2nd amendment did not allow unfettered ownership of guns…until the Roberts court when Justice Scalia wrote the Heller decision a few years ago.
    Isn’t it time we give up our paranoia over the false need to protect ourselves, and instead consider that the Constitution was written for all of us…with no one’s personal rights outweighing the rights of others? There is no excuse for the kind of arsenal Noah Harpham was carrying. It is a tragedy that someone who fought to protect our rights and our Constitution was gunned down by someone who chose to believe that his right to own guns superseded the rights of the rest of us to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. My heart goes out to Andrew Myers’ family and friends, and my vote will go to those who demonstrate the courage to stand up to the NRA, and support reasonable controls on gun ownership.

  • John Davids says:

    Eric, I fail to understand why you expand the level of blame to others than the individual who committed this heinous crime. I won’t bother to go into the well worn argument that gun control will only stop law abiding citizens from access to firearms. Which, by the way I believe. To get directly to the point, the only way we can guarantee that, “something like this never happens again,” would be to eliminate from the population guns. This approach, is quite honestly no more realistic than Trump’s approach to the illegal immigration issue of deporting 11.5 million illegal aliens.

    • Eric Lamar says:


      What you say is simply not true.

      You and your’s deal in absolutes setting up phony hypotheses.

      I never said get rid of all guns.

      I talked about limitless firearm possession.

      It is time for reasonable controls on gun ownership to protect children and society at large.


  • Victoria Huckenpahler says:

    I agree wholeheartedly, Eric. Pro-gun folks always hold up examples of folks who managed to save their own lives by virtue of carrying a gun. But I would be willing to bet my life savings, such as they are, that if one were to run a survey — and I think doing same is precisely what needs to happen — the number of folks, including young children, who are killed by nuts with guns is far greater than those who managed to save lives with them.

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