Schaitberger Cans Martynuska

Longtime 4th District DFSR

Art Martynuska has been a well regarded fixture in the IAFF’s 4th district for many years.

His resume is impressive:

-retired in 2010 as a fire fighter/paramedic for the City of Johnstown, PA, and as president of the Johnstown Fire Fighters Union, a position he held for 14 years.

-elected to the position of president of the Pennsylvania Professional Fire Fighters Association at their 41th annual convention.

-serves as a Vice President of the Pennsylvania American Federation of Labor/Council of Industrial Organizations.

-holds a Bachelors Degree in Fire Science and Safety Engineering from the University of Cincinnati and a Masters Degree in Public Safety from St. Josephs’ University in Philadelphia.

-attended the prestigious Trade Union Program at Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts. and completed the Executive Fire Officer Program at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

-holds a Fire Officer IV certification as well as certifications in 15 other disciplines in the fire and emergency service field,  and sits on the NFPA 1201 and 1250 committees.

-graduated from the IAFF Political Training Academy and is an adjunct instructor for the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy in Lewistown, PA, and for Bucks County Community College.

But, unfortunately for Art, all of that, plus his prior service as a district field service representative, is apparently not enough.

Thanks, But…

Martynuska was abruptly notified by Schaitberger on September 30, 2015, that his services were no longer required after years of effective work as a DFSR.

With Martynuska’s resume and record of service you would think Schaitberger would explain the rationale for dumping him.

Could it possibly be because he is also a candidate in the race for 4th district IAFF vice-president?

Schaitberger, who makes it a point to be personally involved in district races even when he says he is not, has flirted with a series of candidates in the fourth: Mohler, Niemiec, Smith, Pantelis, Martynuska, and Hoffman.

He’s looking for someone he can control absolutely but as the months go by, that becomes a harder and harder task.

And, firing Local 854’s Pete Gorman who excelled during 9/11,  hasn’t helped.

That act alone proved that Schaitberger does not have the best interests of the IAFF at heart, only his own.

Tricky Politics

Bill Taylor, the current and totally nominal 4th district DVP doesn’t do anything without Schaitberger’s nod so the notion that dumping Martynuska was Taylor’s idea is absurd.

As Taylor is a Marylander, dumping Martynuska for no reason, who is a Pennsylvanian, can only hurt Andy Pantelis, a Marylander also in the race.

It also helps Martynuska everywhere because it is unfair, unwarranted and ridiculous.

Especially so, given the fact that three other IAFF folks are running for offices and they have not been forced to give up their positions:  Mark Sanders and Tom Hanify in the eighth and Jim Lee who is a candidate for GST.

Schaitberger will go to any length to control IAFF executive board elections and this is just one more example.

No one benefits from his backroom machinations and Art Martynuska and Andy Pantelis should not be fooled now or later.

And, the oddest thing:  no one was named to replace him, as if the fourth can go with out a replacement DFSR for the forseeable future.


Schaitberger backroom politics at work again.

Members of the IAFF 4th district should ensure that their number one goal is to elect a DVP who is not under the influence of Harold Schaitberger.

Now, that would be a change.




  • Mike Mohler says:

    The only candidates in the 4th district not poisoned by Schaitberger would be either Art Martynuska or Andy Pantelis. I hope my brothers and sisters in the 4th will understand the importance of keeping Schaitbergers influence out of our districts election. Time for a change and an IAFF Executive Board that will serve to control a out of control General President

  • Phil Chovan says:


  • Ray Steffens says:

    The General President needs to understand that DVPs serve their electorate, and not the GP. Do I sense that the 4th District will no longer be seated front and center in Vegas next year?

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