IAFF Board to Talk US Prez Politics

Meeting Set for Tuesday


The IAFF executive board will meet here in Washington, DC, next week to “discuss the current dynamics of this Presidential political season, following our recent decisions and actions related to Secretary Clinton and Vice President Biden”, according to an email from Harold Schaitberger.

This no doubt refers to the cluster-f**k known as the “IAFF endorsement process” which has put the board’s dysfunction on full display for all to see as they lurch from one candidate to another and wind up where they started, that is, clueless.

First, Schaitberger wined and dined Ted Cruz, McCarthy doppelganger, and even had him speak at the Legislative Conference.

Cruz/McCarthy has a zero percent lifetime AFL-CIO voting record on labor issues.

He is Darth Vader to organized labor.



As they say, WTF, over?

If you are going to invite a Republican, how about trying somebody who isn’t out to destroy us?

We’re for Hillary!

Then, in a manic swing, the next we know, Schaitberger is plotting full-on with the Clinton campaign for an early endorsement at the 2015 Redmond Symposium.

The New York Times reports, “Mr. Schaitberger, with the assent of his board, told the campaign the union was strongly leaning toward endorsing Mrs. Clinton, pending the board’s formal vote.”

Another Clinton

Another Clinton

Strongly leaning?

What, exactly, does that mean?

Was there a vote or not?

Wouldn’t you get that squared away before beginning talks?

Cap’n Dumbf**k

Anyway, Old Joe Biden, a.k.a. Cap’n Dumbf**k, was whispered as a possibility and the IAFF board, a gang of white and largely ancient men, dropped Hillary in favor of one of their own tribe.

Was it a “Chris Dodd Flashback”?

Cap'n Dumbf**K

Cap’n Dumbf**K

Schaitberger was said to be the Cap’n’s soul-bro and greatest confidante.


Biden said no to a run and there we were, the object of scorn after we spurned Mrs. Clinton and Biden returned the favor on us.

Can you say, “cluster-f**k”?

Oh, Just Stay in Canada

To add absolute absurdity to the already heavy air of dysfunction, the Canadian members of the executive board were told they did not have to attend next week’s meeting.

This deserves special attention as it concisely and perfectly captures the bizarre way in which Schaitberger’s mind operates.

He is a “pigeon-holer.”

People are sized up in the most cursory and simplistic manner and permanently categorized.

Being stereotyped by a hardcore narcissist is never pretty.

In this case, Canadians apparently have no inherent interest in the outcome of the US election.

Suddenly, the board is categorized along “country” lines and those northerners are nothing more than hockey-obsessed Canucks.



Forget that the Canadians have their political house in order better than the US does.

Could those Canadian vice-presidents not have basic political expertise that would be very useful to the discussion?

Not where Schaitberger is concerned, they should just go sharpen their skates.

Come to think of it, given how Schaitberger has screwed the process up so far, we would do much better just handing it off to the Canadians and leave them to sort it out.








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