Schaitberger Violates IAFF Whistleblower Protection Policy

Thousands Support VP Walsh

Rick Walsh

Rick Walsh

Most affiliate leaders now know that Harold Schaitberger is a ruthless hypocrite who lives by two standards: the one he applies to himself and the one everyone else must live by.

His own standard allows him to do as he pleases, squandering hundreds-of-thousands of dollars of dues money while he also treats others with disrespect, including lying to destroy their reputations.

So it is with his attempted firing of vice-president Walsh.

Schaitberger senses a little blood in the water from someone who has stood up to him and he is intent upon destroying Walsh using any means necessary.

Schaitberger Violates Member Privacy

He is improperly and unethically tapping into private email communications between members and their elected officers.

It was accomplished by hiring private investigators with IAFF dues money; tens-of-thousands of dollars used for ilicit spying which will weaken and destroy the IAFF.

As a result, no affiliate leader can correspond with their vice president about elections or other private or sensitive IAFF matters without Schaitberger reading every word.

It’s outrageous and out-of-control behavior.

Trashes Whistleblower Policy

The IAFF has its own whistleblower policy to protect those aware of wrongdoing.

To Schaitberger it isn’t worth the paper it is written on.

In his blood lust to destroy vice-president Walsh he ignores every ethical precept we have.

Schaitberger’s conduct is so blatantly improper he should report himself.

Walsh is clearly covered under the IAFF Whistleblower Policy and Schaitberger’s actions are obviously political retaliation against a sitting IAFF officer.

Facebook Page of Support

Walsh’s many supporters across the IAFF have started a Facebook page which can be viewed here.

Brother and sister IAFF members know that Schaitberger is out to railroad an effective and decent IAFF leader who was elected by his members to lead and they are speaking out.

In just a few hours the page has garnered over 500 “likes.”

This is an important moment for all IAFF members  as we rise up to defend Ricky Walsh, and the principles of our union.

Harold Schaitberger must not be allowed to destroy the reputation and work of vice-president Walsh.

Stand up and make your voice heard NOW.

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  • Dwight Altenburg says:

    Please keep me posted on additional information about these events unfolding and past reasons how it all came about the dismissal of VP Walsh and alleged improprieties of Harold Schaitberger’s actions precipitating these events?
    Thank you,
    Retired IAFF member

  • Elizabeth Uelmen says:

    It would appear that it is paramount for the Excutive Board to act in the best interest and protection of it’s members. Or maybe it time for the OLMS, Office of Labor Mangment Standards to get involved or step in.

  • Msrk Hill says:

    It’s unfortunate to say the least, that a standing union officer (Walsh) has decided to air his greviences in this forum, it only serves to fuel our unions detractors. If, I’m correct Walsh has had other “conflicts” during his career.

  • Mike Scott says:

    Hang in there Rick

  • AntiMsrkHill says:

    You know Mrsk Hill, thats a pretty piss poor thing to so hypocritically accuse the DVP of having other “conflicts” literally one sentence after implying the DVP was wrong for “airing grievances” in a public forum.

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