Walsh Resigns, Schaitberger Triumphant

A Very Strange Saga

IAFF 7th district vice-president Ricky Walsh resigned from office after receiving an ultimatum from Harold Schaitberger to do so or face charges.

Walsh says he has been accused of violating the IAFF Constitution and By-Laws (IAFF-CBL) and also admits doing so.

He does not, however, say what his actual transgression was.

He also said he had violated his own code of honor, though again, no specifics are given.

Last Week’s Board Meeting

The IAFF board met last Wednesday here in Washington, D.C.

Sources say during the meeting Harold Schaitberger handed out a folder containing emails between Walsh and me.

Those emails apparently serve as the basis for Schaitberger’s demand that Walsh resign and it can be assumed they are also the supposed violation of the IAFF-CBL.

It is crucial to understand how Harold Schaitberger came to be in possession of those emails regardless of their content.

He improperly and unethically tapped into private email communications between members and their elected officers by lying to the IAFF board about what he would be doing.

The email surveillance was accomplished by hiring private investigators with IAFF dues money.

Both the act itself and the manner in which it was paid for are both serious violations of the IAFF-CBL.

Schaitberger apparently enjoyed near unanimous board support during the meeting as Walsh was attacked for what amounts to communicating with another IAFF member about violations of the IAFF-CBL.

The whole mess is odd, ironic and bizarre.

Walsh as Leaker, Mole or Outspoken Reformer

No, no and no.

Walsh may be the most highly effective and dedicated district vice-president on the board but he has never been my source for any story regarding unethical workings at the IAFF.

He may have verified a specific piece of information–but only if I asked first.

He has never contacted me with any concern or information.

His contribution to my efforts was minor, occasional and always prompted by me.

He apparently resigned when stolen emails of no significance were waved in his face by the IAFF president who violates the IAFF-CBL daily.

As proof of Walsh’s apparent indifference to IAFF “corporate” transparency, Walsh considers what he did to be both dishonorable and a constitutional violation, hardly the position of a scorched-earth reformer.

Schaitberger forced the resignation of an ambivalent and largely compliant board member for no strategically imperative reason.

It makes no sense but it is exactly what a confirmed narcissist would do: demand 101% loyalty or throw a tantrum with possibly disastrous results.

As the IAFF Board Consumes Itself

Schaitberger lied to the board, stole their emails and is now monitoring their communications.

They seem to be just fine with all that.

Seperately and together they continuously and habitually violate the IAFF-CBL and then purge a fellow board member for nothing more than talking to another IAFF member.

It is, of course, more of Schaitberger’s continuing reign of terror, though this time carried out on someone who was harmless and best left in place where he could be monitored.

If Walsh is an enemy of the Schaitberger state, Schaitberger is refusing to follow the time honored political maxim:

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

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  • Gordon Wallace says:

    I have very little faith with the leadership of my local, and now it appears that I shouldn’t have any faith in the leadership of the International.

  • Christopher William Wetherell says:

    Sounds like we may need a recall vote, or ask Harold to resign!! Last time I checked Harold is supposed to be working for us. If he can’t uphold his end of the bargain then its time we replace him with someone who will. Apparently the CBL only applies to the members, not the member officers??

    Once thing I can say about Walsh is that he was always working for us, The Magnificent 7th.

    This is bullshit!

  • Paul Filicetti says:

    I’m highly disappointed in the IAAF leadership and I want a refund of my dues that they used to do their illegal investigation. Ricky was the hardest worker for union rights and they threw that all away.

  • Paul Filicetti says:

    I’d like Harold to resign or to be forced out

  • Jack Cates says:

    Thank you, Eric for speaking the truth. Sadly the GP is letting our Union succumb to the very stigma laid on unions. The message must be sent that this is our Union, our 7th District and that Brother Walsh is our VP, not his! It is time for change. It is time for the members to take their Union back!

  • chiefbobr says:

    Time for the rank and file of the IAFF to stand up, strap on a set, and go to the next Annual Meeting prepared to elect a new General Chairman. No one is irreplaceable, and Harold is proving everyday that’s he has become a detriment to our organization.

  • Tom sullivan says:

    Well Eric…if there is nothing to hide, nothing illegal and no violation of the CBL that the delegate body has adopted, then why don’t you publish your email correspondence with Ricky and let it stand on its own. I too think Ricky is a great man, but there is much more to this story than is being “reported.” So many of you jump on Eric’s bandwagon as you condemn your fellow brothers and sisters for jumping on the IAFF bandwagon. Break the norm brothers and sisters, stop getting your exercise by running your imaginations and jumping to conclusions. Demand facts and evidence before taking a position. And STOP AIRING OUR DIRTY LAUNDRY (or perception of such) PUBLICALLY FOR ALL OF OUR TRUE ENEMIES TO READ! Ricky resigned, either to save the IAFF and 7th District from an adjudication of charges, or to save face because he knew he broke the rules. Publish the emails and publish his resignation and allow us to make our own determination and stop trying to feed us your vomit like we are baby birds.

  • John Smith says:

    Rick Walsh can not be trusted

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