Survive the Holidays, Literally

Don’t be a Mess

Mark Knobil

Credit: Mark Knobil

Many fires can be attributed to some aspect of poor housekeeping.  Clutter both hides (and promotes) fire hazards.

Any device requiring energy or generating heat must have a clear area around it for cooling and ventilation. (portable heaters, furnaces, water heaters, appliances, electronics)

Use extension cords VERY sparingly; make sure they have a circuit breaker and that the cord size is larger than the device cord being extended.

If you have a circuit breaker that repeatedly trips, you have a problem.  Call an electrician to determine a solution.

Know What to do


Check your smoke detectors to ensure they are operable.

Have a plan in place to help children and the elderly and practice it!

If you suspect a fire, call the fire department immediately.  Hit the video link at the end of this post and see the difference 10 seconds can make.

Doors serve a critical fire safety purpose, they block the spread of heat and gases and contain the fire.  It is essential that all doors be kept CLOSED at all times to limit the spread of fire or smoke. Propped doors can be lethal.

If you are evacuating, do so immediately and do not use elevators, time is of the essence.

Identify an area outside as a meeting spot where everyone can be accounted for.

Trees, Ashes and on the Road


If you do holiday decorating remember that trees which become dry are a firebomb waiting on any ignition source. Treat it as the serious hazard that it is.

Watch this short video:

Fire place ashes are deadly!  If removed, place them in a metal container, outside, away from any combustible surface.

If you are traveling for the holidays, become familiar with your surroundings and identify the exits.

Stay safe this winter, wherever you may be.

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