Merry Christmas, Board

From: Eric Lamar <>
Date: Fri, Dec 25, 2015 at 11:04 PM
Subject: Merry Christmas
To: “Romaka, Bill” <>, “Woolbright, Mark” <>,, Todd Danny <>,, Ferguson James <>,, Osborne Larry <>,, “Rahne, Ray” <>, McGhee Sandy <>,,,

I hope you took time to read my blog today as it accurately describes the disgraceful way that you kowtow to Harold Schaitberger and actively abet his many unethical and criminal schemes.
The way you lined up behind Schaitberger to take Walsh out is absolute proof of your failure to apply our Constitution to the mission of governing the IAFF.
You managed to do the exact opposite of what was appropriate and ethical.
Three of you are especially despicable, no mean feat.
Bill Taylor for shaking his head and rolling his eyes after the kangaroo court as if to indicate the terribleness of Ricky Walsh.
Sandy McGhee for reportedly saying to Ricky Walsh, “I’ll still call you brother if you resign.”
Fred LeBlanc for a fawning reply back to Schaitberger’s email announcing Walsh’s resignation with a comment about how compassionate Schaitberger had been.
You are individually and collectively a disgrace to the IAFF and the labor movement.
Eric Lamar

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