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IAFF Board to Talk US Prez Politics

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Meeting Set for Tuesday The IAFF executive board will meet here in Washington, DC, next week to “discuss the current dynamics of this Presidential political season, following our recent decisions and actions related to Secretary Clinton and Vice President Biden”, according to an email from Harold Schaitberger. This no doubt refers to the cluster-f**k known […]

IAFF Politics: A Cricket Chirps

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Schaitberger Drafts Mikell as Latest Human Sacrifice? James “Cricket” Mikell, past president of Norfolk, Virginia, Local 68, has apparently decided to enter the race for 4th district vice-president out of the blue. Could this be yet another attempt by Harold Schaitberger to prevent either Art Martynuska or Andy Pantelis from winning as they, God forbid, have […]

Zadroga: Where’s the IAFF?

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Missing in Action? A reader posted a comment purportedly from the “The New York City Firefighter Brotherhood Foundation” (NYCFFBF) evaluating the IAFF’s performance on lobbying for the reauthorization of Zadroga coverage. The bill, among other things, “extends the World Trade Center (WTC) Health Program Fund indefinitely.” The NYCFFBF says: “We can’t honestly say where they (IAFF) have […]

Walking DC: Beautiful Mosque, Beautiful Day

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The Islamic Center of Washington, located at 2551 Massachusetts Ave. in Embassy Row, was completed in 1957 and dedicated by then President Dwight Eisenhower. “In his address, he praised the Islamic world’s “traditions of learning and rich culture” which have “for centuries contributed to the building of civilization.” He affirmed America’s founding principle of religious […]

Schaitberger In Defeat

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Taking the Least Worst Option In a stunning indication of waning influence and power, Harold Schaitberger, IAFF General President, has chosen Jim Lee as his next chief of staff, as suggested here, a month ago. Jim Lee’s dropping out of the 2016 race for General Secretary Treasurer  (GST) and his appointment to the staff role is […]

IAFF: The Chief of Staff Crisis

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Who’s Next? It’s been about a month since IAFF General President Harold Schaitberger fired long-time chief of staff Pete Gorman. When his first chief, Mike Crouse, retired, the imperative was to find a replacement at least as good as the departing one. Schaitberger managed to pull that off. Hiring Pete Gorman was a coup. Gorman […]

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