Around the World in 30 Days

Sri Lanka and Thailand, Mostly


I’m off to attend the wedding of a good friend in Thailand, what better place to be in the middle of winter?

I’ve always had a hankering to see Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, the teardrop island off the southeast coast of India.

So, here I am, though it took almost exactly 24 hours to arrive at my first destination, Amuradhapura.

First it’s 13 hours from DC to Dubai.

Then after a short layover, a four flight straight south to Colombo, the capitol of Sri Lanka.

And finally, a five hour car ride into the interior of the island to Amuradhapura, the countries first, and longest capitol city.

A friend counseled against driving and he was right.

They drive on the left and it’s anything goes with all manner of vehicles passing one another, willy-nilly, devil may care.

Also on advice I hired a car and driver for $50 a day, perhaps the best money I will spend.

As absence of mind would have it, I left my reading glasses on the last flight so we drove into town this afternoon to find replacements.

The first two shops asked my age and said “no glasses” when I revealed the lofty figure. (I had lied in any event.)

The third took pity on me and I am back in business for about $12, case included.

The hotel here, Palm Gardens, is spread over 68 acres and is about as sedate a place as you could find.

Except for the crafty monkeys roving the property ready to cause a bit of trouble if the opportunity arises.

Tomorrow, it’s off to see some ancient Buddhist temples.


  • Victoria Huckenpahler says:

    I’ll be deeply interested in the temples, Eric. I have a friend who goes over there (she used to live here — Sue Lucey, in case you remember her) who spends a good half of her year there. It began when her husband went there for dental care! American-trained dentists provide superb care, and the cost of the trip, hotel, and care still are less than one dental trip here! Anyhow, they fell in love with the place. I understand the people are lovely, scenery wonderful, and food good, too. Enjoy!

  • Alan says:

    Enjoy and bring us home a monkey!

  • Jana says:

    Lucky you dear brother. It sounds amazing.

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