Schaitberger’s Private Dicks, Again

Board to Receive IGI Final Report

Our Dear Leader

Our Dear Leader

Many will know that last summer IAFF General-President Harold Schaitberger hired a firm of “private-eyes”, Investigative Group International (IGI), to “review…recent incidents that suggest that some proprietary documents are in the possession of persons who are not authorized to have them.”

That’s all fancy language for what is really going on:  a Witch Hunt paid for with IAFF member dues.

In Schaitberger’s IAFF it’s against the rules for any member to communicate about what is really going on, including Schaitberger’s many shady deals and lavish lifestyle paid for with the IAFF credit card.

Schaitberger is using IAFF dues money to oust anyone whom he thinks represents a threat to his dictatorship as he continues to plunder our union.

He uses fear, terror and intimidation to keep the board in line.

In the months since IGI was brought on board, two very well-known and highly respected leaders have been driven from the IAFF.

In October, Schaitberger fired long-time Chief-of-Staff Pete Gorman, forcing out a man known for his integrity and his extraordinary leadership as he led Local 854 through the many trials of 9/11.

Pete Gorman

Pete Gorman

At the end of the year, using the IAFF Board as a kangaroo court, he did the same thing to former 7th district vice-president Rick Walsh.

Rick Walsh

Rick Walsh

Their alleged indiscretions have apparently been to express concern over the massive ethical breaches which threaten the future of the IAFF.

Publish the Report

Sources say that just weeks after a regular board meeting in Florida, that Schaitberger is calling the entire board back to DC for a meeting where IGI will provide their final product.

He must really have a big show planned to go to all of that effort and expense.

And, sadly, it’s yet another chapter in his reign of terror and ruin.

Any IAFF leader or knowledgeable member not sure about where Schaitberger is taking the IAFF need only ask themselves a single question:  how does the destruction of men like Gorman and Walsh create a stronger and more ethical IAFF?

After all of the tens-of-thousands of dollars (at least) spent on IGI as they spied on dues paying members, Schaitberger and the board should be compelled to immediately release the report to show all of us the grave danger and damage they uncovered.

But, that’s not how witch hunts usually turn out.

As usual, Schaitberger will do everything to keep his dirty secrets and the board will be right there to help him do it.

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  • Chad Bronkhorst says:

    You keep publishing these editorials but never any details. I appreciate your opinion and have tremendous respect for both Gorman & Walsh (great men) however, all i hear is opinion. To me secrets are only rumors and rumors are worthless. Let’s see something with teeth!

  • Ronald Evers says:

    Way do the members allow this to go on?Vote him out.

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