IAFF Corruption: Chad Talks Teeth But “Balls” Are Needed

Our Dear Leader

Our Dear Leader

Chad Bronkhorst Writes:

You keep publishing these editorials but never any details.  I appreciate your opinion and have tremendous respect for both Gorman & Walsh (great men) however, all i hear is opinion.  To me secrets are only rumors and rumors are worthless.  Let’s see something with teeth!

Dear Chad,

If you look back over the blogs they are full of details, everything from Schaitberger’s conflict of interest house deal and the Department of Labor’s finding about it to detailed receipts showing his obscene abuse of IAFF funds including the illegal taking of per diems.

And, it was all validated by the New York Times.

They even referred to Schaitberger as a “throwback” and confirmed that the IAFF operates with “little checks and balances.”

In fact, when the Department of Labor confirmed the Schaitberger conflict of interest, his response was to initiate an internal white wash which ended up weakening the already anemic IAFF ethical standards.

You talk about teeth.

It’s time to talk about “balls”, at least in the figurative sense.

Who has the balls to stand up to a crook?

A No-Balls Board

Outside of an IAFF Convention two groups have the constituitional responsibility to ensure that the IAFF runs ethically and honestly: the vice-presidents and the trustees.

Both have failed catastrophically.

Schaitberger does as he pleases and the board follows meekly along.

It was Schaitberger who decided to hire IGI to spy on the privileged communications of IAFF leaders and members and the board let him do it.

The result: DVP Walsh was railroaded from the IAFF over the exercise of free speech.

In an ironic note, Walsh has been replaced with Washington state’s Kelly Fox, his long time friend and confidante.

Who doesn’t think that Schaitberger’s grand search of IAFF emails didn’t net some between Walsh and Fox with a subject line or content about Schaitberger?

Schaitberger will surely try to use that information to his advantage to control Fox as a rookie board member.

He needs to bring him into the “Prime Rib” fold.

Will Kelly Fox betray the legacy of Ricky Walsh?

We will see.

The IGI Report

Schaitberger and the Board should release the IGI report.

But even if they do there is a very good chance that it has been carefully sanitized to remove any email content Schaitberger might find potentially troubling.

For example, his improper tampering with the IAFF Staff Pension System related to the Financial Corp is becoming more and more common knowledge.

It’s even said that the IAFF trustees turned a blind eye to the issue when they were informed of it.

Schaitberger must have quickly found out that trolling through IAFF member and leader emails can become a sticky business, especially if they were talking about his unethical conduct.

So Chad, you ask for teeth, but at the IAFF it’s balls that are in order.

But, in the interim, may I suggest you invest in a pair of glasses and get to reading, because it’s all there right in front of you.

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  • Miguel lima says:

    With all the back and forth bickering between and within the IAFF, it’s no wonder these politicians are eating us alive. Wake the hell up

  • Ted Ricci says:

    I fully agree with Eric. If one goes back and reads the blogs and the NY Times article, one can connect the dots regarding the happenings at the IAFF. There is an issue at the top and IAFF members need to grow the “balls” to stand up, ask the hard questions, and make the changes. Unfortunately, I have witnessed too many local union officers not stand up for what is right. They would rather take the easy road and not ask the hard questions. We are indeed at a cross roads fellow IAFF members!

  • Star witness says:

    Glad to see you’re back home, Eric!

  • Steve141 says:

    Chad Bronkhorst is really trying to get his name out there lately. When has Chad EVER cared about the facts? I wonder who he is trying to impress? The facts are there Eric. Too many people are ignoring them! Open your eyes everyone!

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