IAFF: Shady Schait and the Memphis Belle

Board Meeting as Soap Opera

High level sources report that last week’s IAFF board meeting in Washington, DC, was General President Harold Schaitberger’s bizarre attempt to deal with the fact that his hired guns/private dicks, otherwise known as IGI, had apparently uncovered communications between Assistant to the General President Lori Moore and among others, former Chief of Staff Pete Gorman and former 7th district vice-president Rick Walsh, during IGI’s exhaustive search of email and phone records.

A Memphis Belle

A Memphis Belle

At Schaitberger’s corrupted IAFF, special board meetings are now called to discuss what to do with people who communicate with one another, a sure sign that a paranoid dictator is in control.

And, this dictator is also a hardcore narcissist, afraid of the facts, truth and above all, criticism.

One source said that Moore had issued a “mea culpa”, a combination apology and admission of fault, for her apparent “transgression.”

Is her job on the line?

If Gorman and Walsh are indicators, it may be.

The Schaitberger Politburo

Schaitberger has used IGI to spy on IAFF members including district vice presidents.

Even elected officials have their email and telephone records scrutinized.

In fact, Schaitberger warned 5th district vice-president Tom Thornberg to be careful of who he was talking to.

Unfortunately for Schaitberger, it is also reported that the email search turned up evidence of his attempt to plunder the IAFF Staff Pension Fund to benefit the IAFF Financial Corporation.

It’s a sure bet that at last week’s meeting he didn’t share the “whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

As usual, Schaitberger is trying to control the flow of information to shore up his power and hide his shady deals.

So much for an independent executive board; they are more like a herd of pussy cats fighting to jump into Schaitberger’s lap.

Dave Lang in the Batter’s Box?

Lang, center

Lang, center

Dave Lang, long time president of the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire, is reported to be interviewing for a job at the IAFF.

Is Schaitberger lining up a replacement?

If so, for whom?

Perhaps it’s a two-fer.

Bringing Lang in might help shore up Schaitberger’s shaky relations with the third district though trying to undercut the rise of Ed Kelly is both foolish and futile.

But, as most now know, Schaitberger never stops scheming.

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