IAFF Corruption: Freddy Does the Trick



Rick Walsh, former IAFF 7th district vice-president, issued a video last week explaining his rational for resigning.

It didn’t take long for Shady Schait’s headquarters whorehouse to come up with a willing “trick” to undertake the dubious task of trying to explain away Walsh’s underlying concerns.

Vice president Fred LeBlanc says Walsh’s video is “disingenuous”, a fancy word for dishonest.

He makes much of the Board’s right to “confidentiality” and “trust.”

He asserts that Walsh would have been afforded “all elements of due process.”

 The Rat Hole

LeBlanc goes down the Shady Schait rat hole by saying that Walsh used the term “rat” to refer to another DVP.

Talk about disingenuous.

Everybody knows that Shady Schait popularized the use of “rat” as he traveled around, calling anyone whom he thought was standing up to him that name.

He even used it during his fancy dinners to try and destroy Pete Gorman, among others.

It’s a perfect example of LeBlanc defending Shady Schait with a “holier than thou” double standard.

He is being hypocritical and he knows it.

LeBlanc would protect Shady Schait’s dubious deals rather than stand for openness, honesty and transparency.

Shady Schait is a master at the whispered slur and the damaging innuendo, lying left and right.

Shady Schait’s Private Dicks


Can we really believe Freddy when he talks about the violation of confidentiality and trust?

In a word, no.

He has been part of Schaitberger’s extraordinary effort to violate the information rights of IAFF members by using private dicks to search (and read) emails, texts and phone records.

Not long before his death former vice president Mike Mullane expressed dismay that the board had gone along with Shady Schait.

He knew that once Schaitberger had a look he would be like a crack addict with a fresh pipe.

He was right.

Freddy has been a Shady Schait true believer all along.

He’s the last person to complain about confidentiality.

Due Process?

As mentioned earlier, LeBlanc wants us all to especially know that Walsh, “would have been afforded all elements of due process.”

He wants us to believe he has never heard of either former IAFF brother Darren Bates or what Shady Schait did to him.

About five years ago Darren Bates, an Omaha fire captain, IAFF Local 385 president and district field service representative (DFSR) was arrested on a trumped up charge in a dubious “prostitution sting” in Iowa.

Bates had arranged for a massage and repeatedly declined more, only to be arrested when local cops leaped out of their hiding place to apprehend him like a team of corn husker Clouseaus.

When word reached the IAFF that Bates had been arrested, the reaction was swift and sure.

Shady Schait fired Bates from his post as a DFSR and then caused the IAFF to distribute notice of his firing to news outlets whom then published it.

Shady Schait humiliated a brother IAFF member for no supportable reason.

He robbed a member of the due process and dignity owed to all of us.

Worse yet, he betrayed Bates’s union trust by proudly leaking his actions to the news media.

And LeBlanc has the balls to tell us that Shady Schait believes in due process?

By the way, Darren Bates was found not guilty in less than three hours by a jury.

Walsh had every reason to be deeply concerned about his due process and the fact that Shady Schait will do anything to destroy a perceived enemy.

Where due process is concerned, Fred LeBlanc has a very selective memory.

You Can’t Turn Tricks Forever

LeBlanc suggests that Walsh colluded “to destroy the reputation of our General President in the most vile way.”

What Shady Schait did to Darren Bates is a much better example of vile as is what Le Blanc is doing right now: giving cover to a toxic and narcissistic leader who has debased the ethics and the reputation of the IAFF.

LeBlanc may be eager to “raise his skirt” for Shady Schait but soon enough he’ll learn that the “madam” has a very short memory where fair play and loyalty is concerned.

Underneath all that make-up and the tight outfight Freddy is just another fake.

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  • Frank Ramagnano says:

    Glad you have such strong facts and figures that you need to resort to name calling. Taking a page from Trump?

    So let’s look at some facts.

    Fred LeBlanc was elected OPFFA VP unopposed
    Elected president OPFFA over and over unopposed
    Elected 13th District VP unopposed

    So why does he exactly need the favour of the GP?

    Knowing the man as I do and his great reputation for all he has done for 13th district he stands tall all by himself.

    It was you who encouraged the DVP’s to stand up and be heard, you should have explained that they could only do it if they were to agree with you.

    So what is the connection between Fred and Darren Bates? You could not find anything negative about Fred so you add something that has nothing to do with him in the hopes tarnishing Fred. There is the meaning of disingenuous.

    • Eric Lamar says:


      You actually raise the $64,000 question.

      Why is it that grown men, labor leaders, in theory at least, are afraid to stand up to Schaitberger and his blatantly unethical behavior?

      There is a direct connection between the treatment of brother Darren Bates and how others can expect to be treated by Schaitberger and those around him.

      It was true five years ago and it is just as true today.


  • Schaitsucks says:

    Harry’s term is up. Vote him out for the benefit of the IAFF come this convention.

  • Ted Ricci says:

    Eric, Keep the heat turned up!! The sad issue is too many false charges or issues are becoming the norm not only at the national IAFF level but at the local level as well, yet our “brothers or sisters” look the other way, do not ask questions, and just accept.

  • Carmen Santoro says:

    I’ve read your emails/blogs and often wonder why you don’t have the stones to get your supporters (not sure how many or how few you have), and get your ass on the convention floor! That is where discussion and debate happens. That is where change can take place. If you are unwilling or afraid to do that, then find an art class or yoga, to help with what appears to be your personal hatred towards our General President. President Schaitberger is the reason this union punches above its weight class. His leadership has elevated the IAFF to one of the most respected Unions in the world.

    You are now trying to insult DVP Fred LeBlanc. Fred is and has been the strongest and most respected union leader here (Ontario, Canada) for almost 2 decades. He has and will continue to make this great union stronger. He simply set the record straight by removing the thinly veiled angelic cloak, from which former DVP Walsh was attempting to hide behind. There is absolutely no excuse for any board member to break confidence within any board. Ever. Anyone who does, is a RAT by anyone’s definition.

    Carmen Santoro

    • Eric Lamar says:


      Thanks for the free psycho-advice.

      I don’t hate Schaitberger, per se, I hate what he has done to the IAFF, with the board’s help, of course.

      By the way, if we are punching so far above our weight class, where is the collective bargaining bill?

      We are so spineless we haven’t even made a presidential endorsement.

      You said, “There is absolutely no excuse for any board member to break confidence within any board. Ever. Anyone who does, is a RAT by anyone’s definition. ”

      Schaitberger is the biggest “rat” ever because he trolled through the board member’s emails, texts and phone records and selectively released what he wanted.

      He’s got them so far under his thumb that they went right along with it.

      Le Blanc ought to try setting Schaitberger straight if he is as good as you say he is.

      Not holding my breath for that.


  • Christopher Day says:

    If hypocrisy was an art, Carmen Santoro would be Michelangelo. He talks about keeping debate in-house and maintaining confidentiality, yet he didn’t hesitate to take to the media to smear the names of two firefighters who have spent decades helping widows and sick firefighters to navigate their occupational disease claims. He has stolen thousands of dollars from his own local and was aware of his Board members (while he was president) stealing 10s of thousands more. He has bullied and harassed members in good standing off of boards and committees to fuel his own narcissism and build a corrupt empire that is now crumbling around our ears, all so he can pad his own paycheck while climbing the ladder to kiss the ass on the next rung up.

    So it’s no wonder he’s in favour of keeping matters confidential. Hiding behind confidentiality is what has allowed him to go as far as he has while hiding his dirty little secrets.

    Carmen, your secrets will catch up to you.

  • Ellard Beaven says:

    Yes Chris I agree. How did the OPFFA enter into a lawsuit against Paul and Colin without it being brought to the convention floor? The OPFFA executive under Carmen’s leadership voted to sue and announce it at seminar and now have been counter sued for12 million. So this June they will probably ask for more money for an unconstitutional lawsuit and if we lose the OPFFA will be bankrupt. I remember when the OPFFA was a proud and honest organization that never had their integrity in question… What happened???

  • Against OPFFA Corruption says:

    Wow…..get a load of this….Fred and Carmen got some EXPLAINING to do Lucy !!!!


  • I Hate OPFFA Liars.... says:

    Fred and Carmen ….talk to the families and stop spreading rumors like facebook bullies….

    People, read it and weep….. Sad Fred and Carmen need to hide behide their AUTHORITie…..spelt wrong on purpose for Carmen….

    https://t.co/Irn6rjNAMD https://t.co/c8fnukVZqB

  • Frank Local 3888 says:

    Hey Frank, Runmymouthoff …..worry about your own glass house local before throwing imaginary stones…..ya we know you are a Wannabe IAFF guy…….but you have a long line in front of you….take a number and hold on…..Once F.L and C.S are kicked aside …..maybe you move up to number 314……good luck!

  • I know a Crook! says:

    Ellard, I can answer your question…….Carmen is a CROOK, not only in Oakville when he was the president but in the OPFFA…..the problem is the OPFFA is full of wannabe leaders…….OPFFA locals are sheep……following the leaders off the cliff. If you ask me….in 5 years there will be no OPFFA…..more locals are looking to LEAVE…!!!

  • Tomm Peterdy says:

    Poor old Doc Taylor must be rolling over in his grave

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