Mittendorff: Wrong Questions, Wrong Answers?

Statter Seeks Transparency

Dave Statter

Dave Statter

Last weekend Statter911 raised a number of issues with the Bowers press conference.

He emphasized Bowers’ lack of knowledge about prior harassment, including police involvement,  while at the same time Bowers acknowledges that Fairfax Underground is blocked from fire station computers.

The blocking, an intentional act, implies on-going knowledge of a problem or issue.

Most of all, Statter made a strong call for transparency, calling for frequent updates and that the investigation go wherever it leads.

Different Questions?

The Virginia State Police (VSP) may say that bullying is not the cause of Nicole’s suicide but anyone personally involved in such a death and a final message would know better than to attach much weight to the final thoughts of someone about to take their own life, especially under her circumstances.

The veracity of such writings are automatically suspect.

VSP is at best rendering an opinion which may not even rise to the level of an informed judgement.

There can be no certitude.

In any event, the VSP comment presents a conundrum for all who want answers.

It may also present Bowers with an especial problem in light of Statter’s call for transparency.

In the chaos of the past days have the wrong questions been asked?

A Trip to Headquarters?

Multiple sources suggest that Nicole may have made at least one visit to fire department headquarters shortly before her suicide.

Some have suggested the possibility that she could have been called to report to Bowers’ Internal Affairs Office as part of an investigation or for some other reason.

Statter was clear in his disappointment with Bowers about the weakness of his message regarding the impending investigation.  Statter said, “This should have included a promise to follow-up on all allegations that have surfaced because of Mittendorff’s death.”

The suggestion of Internal Affairs or administration contact prior to her death is certainly now one of those allegations.

As part of the call for transparency Bowers should provide a complete accounting of any contact his administration had with Nicole in the weeks leading up to her suicide.

Such an accounting would include not just visits to the “office” but also phone calls, texts, emails, etc.

Bowers needs to be completely open and transparent as he proceeds, revealing all he knows, as soon as he knows it.

This area of concern is a great place to show he means what he says,



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