Shocker? VPFF to Schaitberger: “No Endorsement”

Stunning Loss

Our Dear Leader

Our Dear Leader

The Virginia Professional Fire Fighters met in convention last week and delivered a devastating blow to IAFF General President Harold Schaitberger.

His home state and the association he once led delivered a loud and clear verdict on his leadership, saying no to an endorsement he had personally sought for his re-election bid.

And, it wasn’t even close.

55% to 45%.

John Niemiec, Local 2068 president and Schaitberger lapdog, made the motion to endorse, apparently without either laying any groundwork or even counting votes.

Roll Call Also Fails



With the initial motion failing, Niemiec apparently went all in with a subsequent motion for a roll call vote.

It failed too and it only takes 30% to trigger a roll call meaning Schaitberger’s support was dwindling even then.

With “friends” like John Niemiec does Schaitberger even need enemies?

Shocking?  Not So Much

The VPFF is simply expressing what everyone now knows:  Harold Schaitberger is noxious, narcissistic, and corrupt.

He has repeatedly pillaged the IAFF for his own personal gain.

He has paid out our dues money to his cronies.

He has made a mockery of basic union principles by ruthlessly turning on IAFF brothers and sisters.

He has weakened our union by using the tactics of a dictator to spy on members and to crush all dissent.

He’s had help, mostly in the form of a criminally corrupt board that has been bought off with an absurd pay raise and other unwarranted, phony perquisites.

Virginia has known him much better and longer than you and perhaps it’s only fitting they should be the first to publicly shout a loud “NO” to a fraud, a cheat, and a liar, even when he runs unopposed.

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  • Ray Steffens says:

    You think this means the Va delegation won’t have their customary seats front and center at the Las Vegas Convention?

  • Bill Dane says:

    I appreciate these post that are bringing to light the problems with the leadership of our great union. It’s obvious that change is need from the top down in order to protect the integrity of the IAFF. If the body has questions about the way this Union is being ran then Its time someone stepped up and announced their candidacy for the position of General President. Who? is going to step up and challenge president Harold Straitberger for the position?

  • Greg Beasley says:

    Misleading Blog – Shocker? VPFF to Schaitberger: “No Endorsement”
    Mr. Lamar, I am writing this post because you have misrepresented the position I took at the VPFF Convention. I was the first Delegate to stand in opposition to the endorsement of GP Schaitberger, so I feel the need to weigh in. The following comments represent my position only; I am not speaking for any other VPFF delegates.
    I stood in opposition of the endorsement of GP Schaitberger based on the fact that he was not present to answer questions. I, like many others, are tired of your antagonistic blog posts, and sometimes question your motives. I was hoping GP Schaitberger would be able to stand up and take questions from the Delegates of his home state regarding the allegations you continue to make. You implied in your blog that we did not endorse him because we know he is noxious, narcissistic, and corrupt. Again, the reason I spoke and voted against the endorsement is because I am entitled to answers, not because I know the facts in any of the issues you conveyed. If the allegations that you are making against GP Schaitberger had been made against me as a Local president, I would have to answer to my membership, and he needs to do the same.
    You claim that we (Virginia) said: “No to a fraud, a cheat, and a liar.” Again, this is a misrepresentation of my position. If GP Schaitberger continues to act as if your allega-tions are not out there, it will only continue to weaken his position. I hope GP Schaitberger will face his accusers and put the issues to rest. I never heard anyone at our Convention call GP Schaitberger a fraud, cheat, or liar. I think the fact that Pete Gorman was present at the VPFF Convention and willing to take questions from the Delegates only strengthens his position and allegations. I had no problem asking Mr. Gorman some tough questions openly on the floor of the convention and he appeared to answer them openly and honestly. I would like to add that at no point did 4th District VP Taylor weigh in on any of the discussions and he was present the entire time.
    I can question your integrity because I know for a fact that you have misrepresented my position and actions at the VPFF Convention. So now let’s see what kind of integrity you have. Will you post this as a more accurate account of what transpired, since you were not present at the VPFF Convention?
    I have read many comments on your Blog and several people have not wished to reveal their identity due to potential repercussions from IAFF leadership. But I am more wor-ried about repercussions from my membership for not standing up for them. Everyone needs to remember who they have been elected to represent—their members, not the IAFF leadership.

    Respectfully Submitted,
    Greg Beasley
    President Local 2803
    Chesterfield Professional Firefighters Association

    • Eric Lamar says:


      I have not misrepresented your position as I never quoted you.

      You say, “The following comments represent my position only; I am not speaking for any other VPFF delegates.”

      Then you say, “You implied in your blog that we did not endorse him because we know he is noxious, narcissistic, and corrupt. ”

      Either you are or you are not speaking for other delegates.

      Which is it?

      Good luck with your hope that “GP Schaitberger will face his accusers and put the issues to rest.”

      You also say, “You implied in your blog that we did not endorse him because we know he is noxious, narcissistic, and corrupt.”

      Once again you claim to speak for other delegates which you said you would not do.

      After questioning my integrity does it strike you as ironic that we are having an open discussion here rather than on Schaitberger would never allow that.

      Would you mind answering these questions when you get a moment?

      What do you think about what Schaitberger did to brother Darren Bates?

      Or Pete Gorman?

      Do you think it’s OK for the president of our union to spend our dues money to spy on us?

      Do you think he should extort a nickel on a dollar from MDA each year depriving sick children of much needed care?

      Eric Lamar

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