IAFF: Who?

Bill Dane Writes:

I appreciate these posts that are bringing to light the problems with the leadership of our great union. It’s obvious that change is needed from the top down in order to protect the integrity of the IAFF. If the body has questions about the way this Union is being run then it’s time someone stepped up and announced their candidacy for the position of General President. Who is going to step up and challenge president Harold Schaitberger for the position?

Dirty Laundry?

Some say that putting the facts out there somehow damages the IAFF.

News flash:  the IAFF is damaged and putting the facts out there is the very thing that will change it, a fact that Bill realizes.

What is currently missing is the acknowledgement by leaders at the local, state and provincial level that the IAFF has become massively corrupted and is run by a ruthless dictator who destroys anyone who challenges his greed and power.

The very instant that IAFF leaders own the problem we will turn toward making a better and stronger IAFF; till then the “dirty laundry crowd” is using that weak-willed excuse to prop up a crook and maintain the status quo.

It’s a terrible thing that Schaitberger steals from the IAFF but that is very far from the worst that he has done.

He has destroyed the lives of fellow IAFF members like Darren Bates solely because of his lust for total control.

He weakened our union by using our dues money to spy on members so that he could run them out of town simply because they want an honest IAFF.

He engages in improper personal deals with cronies who benefit from the IAFF.

Dirty laundry you say?

Then it’s time to do the wash and hang it ALL out to dry.

Let’s have the courage to clean up our union together.

We will be both cheered and respected by the public and the Labor movement for having the guts to do the right thing.

So, Who?

Few people in the IAFF have demonstrated true integrity.

Ricky Walsh and Pete Gorman are both sterling examples of leaders who have done the right thing and both have the experience and the ethics to do the job.

Lou Paulson, Kelly Fox or Tom Hanify also come to mind as experienced leaders.

There are surely others and luckily for us they would be relatively unknown and therefore untainted by Schaitberger’s cancerous corruption.

Someone just has to decide that enough is enough and we are moving ever closer to that point.

This may be the first and last time that I use Donald Trump as an example but he proves that an outsider with a message can seize the moment.

At the IAFF, that moment is here.

Win, lose or draw, Bill Dane is right:  we need another name on that ballot and there is still time for a leader to emerge.

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– See more at: http://www.turnoutblog.com/2016/05/25/shocker-vpff-to-schaitberger-no-endorsement/#sthash.3q6haq6Z.dpuf




  • TED RICCI says:

    The winds of change are a blow’en.
    Come on IAFF Locals…step up and put it to a vote.

  • David Anders says:


    I think some of your readers will understand that you are not doing IAFF members any favors by hanging their dirty laundry in full view to be forwarded to the public. You are able to fool some members but not all of them. I am the President of a large Democratic Men’s Club in my county with a mailing list of about 400. I am getting emails forwarded to me from NC political people with your blog attached. These folks do not know what the IAFF is about but it hurts IAFF locals in the district and state. Sure the IAFF is damaged mostly because you are largely responsible for most of the damage. Your goal is to do all you can to take President Schaitberger down even if you have to bring down the IAFF to do it. I am 100% in favor of locals and States endorsing whomever they choose but I have told you this before and here it is again; “IAFF problems should be kept in House and brought to Convention.” I very well know that you are not going to listen this time either but your explanations for your actions are lame. As the saying goes; “You can put lipstick on a pig and tie a pink ribbon on it but it is still a pig.”

  • Blackpower 19 says:

    Democrats can’t play both sides of the fence!
    We all know they are not for the working people anymore!
    If the unions support her that means they don’t care about there members any more!
    Trump 2016!

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