IAFF: More Dirty Laundry

Old Dog, Old Tricks

Dave Anders, of North Carolina, writes, in part:

“I think some of your readers will understand that you are not doing IAFF members any favors by hanging their dirty laundry in full view to be forwarded to the public.”

“I am the President of a large Democratic Men’s Club in my county with a mailing list of about 400. I am getting emails forwarded to me from NC political people with your blog attached.”

“Sure the IAFF is damaged mostly because you are largely responsible for most of the damage. Your goal is to do all you can to take President Schaitberger down even if you have to bring down the IAFF to do it.”

“I am 100% in favor of locals and States endorsing whomever they choose but I have told you this before and here it is again; “IAFF problems should be kept in House and brought to Convention.”

“As the saying goes; “You can put lipstick on a pig and tie a pink ribbon on it but it is still a pig.”

The Plantation Massah Argument

Dave Anders is a labor leader straight out of the 1970’s complete with his North Carolina “Democratic Men’s Club.”

WTF, over?

Let’s hope the sheets stay in the closet.

For Dave, the corrupt IAFF is the union version of the southern plantation master who has eight mulatto slaves running around who just happen to look exactly like him.

(Think Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings.)

In Dave’s world if we don’t say anything no one will notice and it will all go away.


Hanging The Dirty Laundry

Importantly, Anders admits the laundry is dirty.

He’s OK with that, corruption really, what he objects to is the airing of it.

According to Dave I should love a president who has ruined our union by subverting the very principles we are built upon.

Sorry, Dave, not happening.

Last year Dave used the same phony arguments when facts about Schaitberger’s corruption began to spill out; that it is just me and my dislike of Schaitberger.

He was wrong then and he is wrong now and here’s why.

In the intervening months Schaitberger has attempted to destroy two of the most honest and ethical leaders in the IAFF: first Pete Gorman and then Ricky Walsh, simply because they tried to stop corruption at the IAFF.

Schaitberger has failed in both attempts as their reputations stand untarnished.

Dave’s argument that it’s all about how “Eric hates Harold” is proven false by the facts.

“Take It To Convention”

Dave is apparently among the true believers who actually think the IAFF is still a democratic institution.

Schaitberger has gained near total control, now beginning to slip, by buying off the equally corrupt board members and threatening other leaders whenever the mood strikes him.

There has been no democracy at the IAFF and the notion that the convention is a viable platform for truth and honesty is a lie pure and simple.

Social Media

There’s that phrase again.

The debate about the future of the IAFF is happening on social media for the simplest of reasons: it is democratic and totally outside the control of Harold Schaitberger.

For the first time rank and file IAFF members and local leaders can learn about the damage done to our union by the corrupt leadership.

The information, which began as a trickle, is now a torrent, coming from impeccable sources.

It is now the only place to find honest and real communication where the IAFF is concerned.

“Lipstick on a Pig”


Anders totally misses the irony when he employs that phrase.

Schaitberger is the “pig”, and quite a porker he is after gorging at the IAFF trough all these years.

Attempting to destroy Walsh and Gorman will turn out to be a tipping point as it both conclusively reduces and clarifies the issue to one of good versus evil.

Anyone who knows Schaitberger and either of the other two instantly sees the vast and yawning difference.

I know who I would trust.

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  • David Anders says:

    By “dirty Laundry” I am talking about the controversy you have caused….not anything that IAFF management has done. No one is perfect and I know that very well but publishing you warped version and opinion for the public to see is just wrong. I and others are convinced that you are an evil man with an evil agenda. IAFF members should know that you are the number one enemy of IAFF members.

  • LK says:

    Yada yada yada….talk about the same old dog, same old tricks….look in the mirror. Dave Anders is absolutely right. You’re just in denial about your role. You talk about how Harold has damaged our organization and our reputation….with who? With Eric Lamar? Who cares what that guy thinks…he hates the IAFF anyway. …And you absolutely are damaging our organization and you are damaging our reputation publicly with your half truths and gray area “facts” that you portray as the smoking gun. Dave Anders absolutely nails it to say that youre trying so hard to take down Harold Schaitberger that you are willing to bring down the whole IAFF. Here’s your game and it’s always the same old garbage…take some gray area stuff and publish it on your blog with strong language and one sided half truths to make it sound like you’re a saint and Harold is the devil and all around him are demons. Guess what…they aren’t, and you are a fake martyr! You don’t care about the IAFF or the members! You just want to bring down the President at all cost. Newsflash for you….out of 300,000 members, 299,000+ don’t care. All we want is better wages, better hours, better working conditions, etc. We want to go home to our families. You’ll say Harold is shady…he took people to an expensive dinner. It isn’t illegal and again who cares? If it benefits the members, the organization, our leadership who work their butts off for us…then good. In that case take them to dinner twice! Now sure, maybe it got a little excessive at times. So let’s rein that in a little bit. But putting it out for the world to see with a one sided spin on it that makes our organization look bad? Absolutely not. It has been pointed out that there are people collecting pay checks from the IAFF…personally, I want more proof and actual facts not just hearsay. But I will say that is a bit messed up. He pushed people out who crossed him…maybe true…still not criminal and how do you dare point a finger about how wrong that is???? You’re trying to do the exact same thing!?!?!?!? You’re trying to run the President out of town. So hypocritical. You say Ricky Walsh was elected by the members in his district and how dare Harold take him out on trumped up charges. Well guess what…Harold Schaitberger was elected to his office by the members of the IAFF and who are you to take him out on trumped up charges? I’ve said it before on your blog and I’ll say it again…you’re worse than everything you claim Harold to be. I’m not even a diehard for Harold and I hope that whenever he goes away so do you. I do want to be clear…I don’t think Harold is a saint nor do I think he’s 100% innocent of everything you say he is and does. I believe Ricky Walsh and Pete Gorman are good guys. I wish Pete Gorman success. Ricky Walsh was a stand up guy in his first video…he said no matter what keep paying your dues despite his situation. That’s a stand up guy. Unlike you who advocated for withholding dues. So much more worth saying but to bring it home…you are damaging our organization in an effort to take down our President. No matter how noble you may believe you are…you are hurting us.

    • Eric Lamar says:


      Your words would have more heft if you had the courage to identify yourself.

      Still, even behind your cloak of protective secrecy you can’t have it both ways.

      You praise Schaitberger and Gorman at the same time.

      Schaitberger fired Gorman because Gorman was honest.

      It was Pete Gorman who pointed out the no-show jobs.

      If Pete’s a stand-up guy why don’t you believe him?

      Or, why don’t you ask your vice-president to provide some answers?

      It’s easy to ask but good luck getting an answer.

      You say my facts are “gray area.”

      If so, why have I never been proven incorrect, even once?

      I’m batting a perfect score and you say I struck out.

      You are the one lacking facts and spewing innuendo.

      Your assertion that I am out to bring down the IAFF is pure bullshit.

      I have been a member for forty years and am very proud of my record of proven service.

      Schaitberger and the corrupt board are ruining the IAFF and you hate me for telling you about it.

      Get over it.

      Tell me, what do you think about what Schaitberger did to brother Darren Bates?

      Or Pete Gorman?

      Do you think it’s OK for the president of our union to spend our dues money to spy on us?

      Do you think he should extort a nickel on a dollar from MDA each year depriving sick children of much needed care?

      If you decide to reply try working up the courage to sign your name.


      Eric Lamar

  • LK says:

    I don’t understand your disdain for anonymity. As I’ve said before I don’t want to be in the mud on either side and more importantly it doesn’t matter what my name is. The important thing is that you’re hurting our organization. One thing I will give you is that I do want it both ways. Harold isn’t perfect and neither is Ricky or Pete or you or I. Yet you would have everyone believe you, Pete, and Ricky are while Harold is the only one who has done anything wrong ever. Your whole charade is a farce. I’ll give you an example of a scenario and then do what you do…
    Say my local does a fundraiser for charity. Say my wife’s family owns a bar. I say…hey, we should do the fundraiser there. We do, and it is hugely successful and a good time had by all. Now imagine if an Eric Lamar came along afterward and was shouting from the rooftops about how shady I was and how corrupt I was. Are you kidding me? That’s absolutely absurd. LK takes care of his! What a shady character that LK is! And that’s the type of ridiculousness you tout as corruption. If you had the smoking guns Harold would be charged, heck he might even be in prison. So clearly your big time facts aren’t really. It’s also hard to prove or disprove hearsay and rumors and all the opinion you lay into your writings. You were so fired up about the big article coming out and it proved everything you had been saying…it didn’t prove anything. It wasn’t even bad. That’s an article written by someone who is impartial to the whole scenario and was being fed information by you and many others….even they couldn’t find your position agreeable. You also keep bragging about your 40 years of service. Thank you for your service! But, from what I see…all you learned in 40 years was bad blood and turned that into tarnishing our organization. Your 40 years has made you part of the problem. I’ve not said your goal is to bring down the IAFF…I have been 100% clear that your goal is to bring down Harold. Regardless of your goal or reasoning…you are harming the IAFF. Period. And I don’t care how pure or true you think you are…you’re not. You think you’re batting a thousand? You’re not…you’re just mostly unchallenged on your positions. Harold isn’t out there blogging about your crap or debating it. And frankly, that’s probably good, because what a waste of resources that would be. Although, you’re starting to get loud enough that maybe they do need to address you.

    You think I’m mad for you showing me the “truth” or mad that your telling me how corrupt Harold is and I’m not. I don’t quite see it how you do and all the trumped up stuff you say I can see through half of it. But what really does piss me off is that you take these half truths and your opinion and you tell everyone. As an example…if Eric Lamar told a Chief that somebody was doing something bad and they got disciplined I would not be mad. However, if that person told the Chief something that was exaggerated and when the Chief investigated he found it wasn’t as bad as Eric Lamar said it was and did nothing. Ok. Well when Eric Lamar doesn’t like that and he goes to the newspaper, and blogs about it, and pushes it out on social media thereby tarnishing our entire organization…yeah…that makes me mad! And yeah, that’s bullshit!! You can’t piss on me and tell me it’s raining!!

    As I said earlier…one thing I will say you’re almost half right about me on is that I do want it both ways. I do believe Pete and Ricky were/are good guys. Yet, I also believe it is wrong for them to break the trust and violate the C&B. Those are not mutually exclusive positions. They can be good guys who did wrong. Similarly, Harold can also be a good guy who has done wrong. Your problem is you’re too far to one side and you can’t even see anything besides what you believe to be true. And because of that you’re absolutely blind to the fact that you’re part of the problem, or worse yet…you are the problem.

    • Eric Lamar says:

      You said, “I don’t understand your disdain for anonymity. As I’ve said before I don’t want to be in the mud on either side and more importantly it doesn’t matter what my name is.”

      It matters very much and your statement, “I don’t want to be in the mud on either side” is nothing more than an admission that you lack the will and the guts to fight.

      You also lack the courage of conviction, period.

      After you defame me as I simply point out my longstanding membership and support you use that to accuse me of “bragging.”

      That’s a cowardly act, at the very least.

      By the way, you offered up stupid hypothetical examples and I offered up three specific real-life situations and asked you to answer.

      You declined all three.

      I ask again:

      Tell me, what do you think about what Schaitberger did to brother Darren Bates?

      Or Pete Gorman?

      Do you think it’s OK for the president of our union to spend our dues money to spy on us?

      Do you think he should extort a nickel on a dollar from MDA each year depriving sick children of much needed care?

      Your “bar” example shows you have the same ethics as Our Dear Leader.

      That makes you phony, as well.

      You are nothing more than another invisible and weak mouthpiece for the crooks running our union.

      Eric Lamar

  • OH says:

    There is no other way to air the laundry than in the open… Unless you are really secure in your reputation and position within the IAFF, your state organization, and/or your local, going against Harold and his IAFF machine is damn near suicide. Thus, why I choose to not identify myself. You are more than welcome to label me a coward for that…

    I believe (with a grain of salt) the information coming from this blog. It’s obvious the sources were accurate. The reason to believe the information is not that it came from Walsh or Gorman who are crusaders for the IAFF and shining beacons of innocence. It’s because they are just as guilty as those at IAFF headquarters. They know where the bodies are because they helped to bury some of them. They both are far from innocent in my mind, but it seems that they are trying to atone for their sins. This blog is the ONLY way to find out the truth behind many of the decisions made outside of the convention, and waiting for one chance to talk for five minutes every two years would make little impact, especially without the chance to defend and research the topics presented.

    This week we held the biennial convention for the Ohio Association of Professional Firefighters. We (as delegates) voted to endorse Harold, Edzo, and Ouellette. The first two were given, they are running unopposed, and Sanders is in the running for 8th DVP (and we and I fully support him), so we weren’t going to do anything to rock the boat for him. However, what was interesting was the endorsement for Ouellette. Harold and Edzo both had their endorsement resolutions well prior to the convention. Ouellette did not have an endorsement resolution until it was introduced as a late resolution, interestingly only after our biennial speech from Harold. The endorsement for Ouellette passed, but far from unanimously. There was much discussion regarding this endorsement, and if not for the information from this blog, we would have never taken a second look at the candidates. This blog, or more your name Eric, was mentioned directly several times throughout the convention. For those that say this blog is not having an impact is inaccurate, and for those that think we as members do not care what you have to say, that is also inaccurate. I think the winds of change are beginning to blow through the IAFF ranks, I’m just not sure how long it will be until they have the strength to move the boat.

    I’m sorry to see the great careers of Walsh and Gorman ruined, but having them outted as your sources did nothing but legitimize everything you have been saying since Cincinnati.

    Keep up the fight, we’re listening… Hopefully we (or I) can garner the courage to act…

  • LK says:

    I must say OH says it well. As I read OH’s words they absolutely hit the nail on the head. All you old timers throwing mud at each other probably using the same shovels you used to bury the bodies! Ha! The only thing I’d add is that to what OH said is…while yes you’re having an impact internally….it’s not all good. And externally you’re absolutely harming us!

    Just to bring the point home of how corrupted you are…you throw mud at me because I’ve taken an opposing view from you. You don’t even know me and you’re calling me weak, a coward, a phony, corrupt, invisible, etc. You’re definitely way worse than anything you pretend Harold to be.

    I do choose to fight. I pound my fist on the table enough that I’ve been blacklisted a time or two. But I keep coming back. I just choose to fight in a positive way that doesn’t harm the organization. I want to be at the table fighting…not throwing dirt behind a keyboard. If I was at a table with you…believe me is be pounding my fists at how much your screwing the organization. I fight for the IAFF, and I do so because the IAFF is bigger than all of us. A fact you have forgotten. You have put you and Harold’s BS above the rest of us. It’s not about you or Harold or Walsh or Gorman…it’s about the members.

  • Islafire says:

    I can understand the need for anonymity sometimes. But if you’re going to slam Eric, use your name.

    I don’t like all the secrecy with some IAFF dealings particularly the financial corp. I don’t like the way Ricky was treated. It has a bad smell. The fact that Harold’s own staye association didn’t endorse him is telling. I would think their members know more than most. If there are ghost employees, it’s wrong. Oulette should either defend the Prez or come clean on what he knows. Trustees report to the members not the President or Board.

    I’m confident Ed Kelly will be a step in the right direction. It’s likely too late for any candidate to win the Presidency but stranger things have happened.

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