Corruption at the IAFF: OH Writes

There is no other way to air the laundry than in the open… Unless you are really secure in your reputation and position within the IAFF, your state organization, and/or your local, going against Harold and his IAFF machine is damn near suicide. Thus, why I choose to not identify myself. You are more than welcome to label me a coward for that…

I believe (with a grain of salt) the information coming from this blog. It’s obvious the sources were accurate. The reason to believe the information is not that it came from Walsh or Gorman who are crusaders for the IAFF and shining beacons of innocence. It’s because they are just as guilty as those at IAFF headquarters. They know where the bodies are because they helped to bury some of them. They both are far from innocent in my mind, but it seems that they are trying to atone for their sins. This blog is the ONLY way to find out the truth behind many of the decisions made outside of the convention, and waiting for one chance to talk for five minutes every two years would make little impact, especially without the chance to defend and research the topics presented.

This week we held the biennial convention for the Ohio Association of Professional Firefighters. We (as delegates) voted to endorse Harold, Edzo, and Ouellette. The first two were given, they are running unopposed, and Sanders is in the running for 8th DVP (and we and I fully support him), so we weren’t going to do anything to rock the boat for him. However, what was interesting was the endorsement for Ouellette. Harold and Edzo both had their endorsement resolutions well prior to the convention. Ouellette did not have an endorsement resolution until it was introduced as a late resolution, interestingly only after our biennial speech from Harold. The endorsement for Ouellette passed, but far from unanimously. There was much discussion regarding this endorsement, and if not for the information from this blog, we would have never taken a second look at the candidates. This blog, or more your name Eric, was mentioned directly several times throughout the convention. For those that say this blog is not having an impact is inaccurate, and for those that think we as members do not care what you have to say, that is also inaccurate. I think the winds of change are beginning to blow through the IAFF ranks, I’m just not sure how long it will be until they have the strength to move the boat.

I’m sorry to see the great careers of Walsh and Gorman ruined, but having them outted as your sources did nothing but legitimize everything you have been saying since Cincinnati.

Keep up the fight, we’re listening… Hopefully we (or I) can garner the courage to act…

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  • David Anders says:

    Eric, I have been working away from the office all day and just seen your latest remarks. You stated, “Dave Anders is a labor leader straight out of the 1970’s complete with his North Carolina “Democratic Men’s Club.”
    WTF, over?
    Let’s hope the sheets stay in the closet.
    For Dave, the corrupt IAFF is the union version of the southern plantation master who has eight mulatto slaves running around who just happen to look exactly like him.
    (Think Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings.)
    In Dave’s world if we don’t say anything no one will notice and it will all go away.”

    In one small paragraph, you have shown yourself to be not only a racist but a bigot as well. Less you forget, it was southerners (Lyndon B. Johnson and other democrats) that worked tirelessly to bring about the Civil Rights laws of the 1960’s and continued to improve them in the 70’s while legislators and politicians from your state tried to put up road blocks. Of course, you were not around or at least not paying attention, but you could have asked. That does not make anyone from your state like you but shows you are calloused and lashing out without not caring who you hurt or slander.

    You obviously know nothing about southern labor and politics. Just for your information and that of your readers, our NC AFL-CIO president for the past 25 years has been African American and the majority of the executive board as well. Richard O’Brien and I served on the Board alongside them for over 20 years. A white male majority elected all of us. How can I or anyone else in NC labor be described even remotely as you have stated. How sorry you are. I truly believe you are an evil person ready to say anything to cause division and you are being pompous as much as you can to turn the spotlight away from you.

    Everyone who reads this should know you are drawing a full IAFF pension paid for with their union dues and you also have the finest of retirement healthcare coverage yet you are ready to cut the throat of IAFF leaders who helped you get your benefits. You are despicable and unworthy to be called an IAFF member.

    • Eric Lamar says:


      You have a truly bizarre sense of American history.

      You make Southern white elected officials sound like civil rights heroes.

      Southerners turned from slavery to a seventy-five year stint of enforced and illegal labor contracts which killed tens of thousands of blacks in ruthless working conditions.

      Elected officials vigorously supported that system.

      Since southern elected officials were all so wonderful, defend John Stennis who, “vigorously opposed the Voting Rights Act, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as well as the Civil Rights Act of 1968 and he signed the Southern Manifesto of 1956, supporting filibuster tactics to block or delay passage in all cases.”

      Or how about Richard Russell who, “was a racist and a segregationist who, precisely because of the esteem in which he was held high even by Yankees for other reasons, may have done more to hold back civil rights and integration in this country than any other single individual, including Strom Thurmond and anyone else you care to name.”

      And Strom?

      He “wrote the initial draft of the infamous 1956 Southern Manifesto, the resolution signed by Southern senators and House members stating their support for segregation and their refusal to obey Brown v. Board of Education. ”

      Your assertion that southerners led the Civil Rights Movement is as accurate as the notion that Harold Schaitberger has been good for the IAFF.

      Try sticking to the facts and not conveniently rewriting them to suit you.

      Now, speaking of what people wrote, you said, ““You can put lipstick on a pig and tie a pink ribbon on it but it is still a pig.”

      I challenge you here to provide a reference for your addition of “pink” to your pithy charge that I am a pig.

      Only a fool doesn’t know that “The pink triangle was one of the Nazi concentration camp badges, used to identify male prisoners who were sent there because of their homosexuality.”

      Speaking of pink, you enlightened Southerners just enacted the “most sweeping anti-LGBT law in the country.”

      “The measure preempted local governments from passing any laws aimed at protecting gay and transgender people, a provision that immediately nullified more than 20 existing local ordinances. Another provision banned local minimum wage laws like the $15-an-hour “living wage” ordinances gaining traction around the country. The state minimum wage is $7.25 an hour.”

      You are doing to gays and lesbians exactly what you did to blacks.

      The south was and is the American bastion of intolerance and hate and your rambling diatribe just won’t change that as the facts, including very recent ones, prove it.

      Eric Lamar

  • Patricia says:

    Eric this is the letter that the president of the union Local 2068 put out.

    This is why we have the problem we have. The Fire Department including the fire chief continue to play the smoking mirrors to the public but behind the scene they protect the ones that are doing wrong. they will not except blame but instead they chose to blame everyone else. this letter was sent out to the fire department personnel. It is a message to other women that want to stand up to the departments bulling and harassment to not even think about it. Please help

    Dear Brothers and Sisters –

    Many of you have seen that another lawsuit was filed yesterday in federal court against Fairfax County naming several of our members. It is unfortunate that some choose to take the opportunity to claim personal agendas as we all continue to grieve the loss of our Sister Nicole.

    The Executive Board and I know firsthand that our membership constantly exhibits a sense of pride and dignity not only as a member of our great IAFF union but, that you are proud and honored to wear the uniform as an active or retired member of the Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department. Each and every one of you continues to do an awesome job responding to emergency incidents and serving our community through several outreach programs. Whether it’s Fill the Boot for MDA, Safety In Our Community, FF Coats for Kids, Adopt-A-Road, or the daily public relation events we participate in, we the men and women of our Local have stepped-up making our professional and charitable services to the community we all proudly serve – second to none!

    Your L-2068 working together with the Fire Chief and his administration will continue to work on the items outlined in the Organizational Task Force. This includes Behavioral Health Training (BHT) to our membership with the assistance of the IAFF’s Health and Safety staff Jim Brinkley and Elaine Viccora along with the Department’s Behavioral Health Coordinator, Maia Dalton-Theodore. The Executive Board and I will work tirelessly to ensure that our membership is receiving progressive behavioral health awareness training that is relative to our profession. This will provide us with an overview to further understand depression, substance abuse, trauma, suicide risk and prevention, and strategies for maintaining balance and emotional wellness. This training will not only assist us but our families and friends with information and education that is beneficial to our personal mental health and wellness.

    Lastly, as these lawsuits previously filed are going through the judicial process, the Executive Board and I ask that you continue to maintain your professional demeanor as you encounter your shift-mates and the citizens and visitors of Fairfax County. Pointing fingers and laying blame does none of us any good. One thing is certain – you are responsible for your interactions with one another and the words you speak. As I have mentioned before, our Union does not condone bad behavior or anyone ignoring the rules and regulations of the agency or county. It’s quite the opposite – your Union encourages the membership to comply with the rules and regulations of both the agency and county.

    In closing, I would like to take a moment and recognize what this weekend is about, our nation will be honoring the many sacrifices of our military personnel serving our country. Because thousands of our military personnel have paid the ultimate sacrifice in their service to our great country; as Americans we enjoy the freedom that we have today and will be forever grateful. Thank you to our members who have served or continue to serve in the US Armed Forces on our behalf.

    On behalf of the Executive Board and I – May you and your families have a safe and Happy Memorial Day Holiday Weekend!

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