Fairfax: John Niemiec, With Prejudice

Open Mouth, Insert Feet



Statter 911 reports that Patricia Tomasello, of the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) , has filed a lawsuit charging civil conspiracy, malicious interference and emotional distress.

IAFF Local 2068 President John Niemiec said yesterday, via social media, about the suit, “Many of you have seen that another lawsuit was filed yesterday in federal court against Fairfax County naming several of our members. It is unfortunate that some choose to take the opportunity to claim personal agendas as we all continue to grieve the loss of our Sister Nicole.”

It’s yet another instance of Niemiec ducking the real issues while taking potshots that are both easy and inappropriate.

In fact, it’s Niemiec’s version of the Bowers “candyman” approach where soothing, (and diversionary) words take the place of reality and real action.

Second Bite at the Apple?

Tomasello got nowhere in her earlier suit as it was summarily dismissed by US Federal Judge T.S. Ellis III.

Anyone contemplating suing their employer for alleged harassment or discrimination should read it carefully as the bar is high, very high.

It’s not at all clear that this suit will fare any better.

Which makes Niemiec’s inflammatory comments all the more odd and unnecessary.

Personal Agendas

In just a few words Niemiec both marginalizes and isolates Tomasello for no rational reason: “some choose to take the opportunity to claim personal agendas as we all continue to grieve the loss of our Sister Nicole.”

Worse yet, he purposely juxtaposes the lawsuit with the Mittendorff death in an attempt to make it appear that Tomasello’s action is somehow related.

Her lawsuit may lack merit but connecting it with the Mittendorff suicide is completely unnecessary, reckless even.

Why is it that Niemiec has no strong words for the department leaders who have created and fostered the current sexualized environment but feels free to sucker punch Tomasello?

Answer: It takes courage to take on the department and absolutely none to whack Tomasello.

A Problem With the Truth

Judge Ellis made it clear that Tomasello did not tell the truth and that fact becomes part of the current landscape.

But no less damning is Niemiec’s decision to link up Tomasello’s suit and the timing of it with the death of Mittendorff.

That’s untruthfulness, too.



  • Mike says:

    I think Ms Tomasellos attorney is the one who linked it Nicole’s death, you may not not have seen that part.

  • Bill L. says:

    There is no reason whatsoever for Niemiec to comment on the suit. By doing so he made an ass of himself on several accounts. Not the least of which was, as you mentioned Eric, connecting the recent suicide with this particular lawsuit. Who is advising this guy?

  • Patricia Tomasello says:

    i understand that the union has been taking everyone out to lunch to smooth their representation over. i smell manipulation, if the department spent as much time doing what is right. They would not have these law suits. i am frustrated and mad. they are in plain site doing what they are accused of and the public and other personnel are suppose to just suck it up. they will get away with this, they have for years. Fairfax is a tight circle and if your not in your out. i am sure they will try to tell you lies about my case. and leave out all the stuff Guy Morgan did to me. i fear for my job and safety. no justice

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