IAFF Corruption: MDA Fraud Revealed

Gorman Confirms Skimming and Worse

Last year, I wrote how the IAFF was skimming a nickel on a dollar it collected during the annual fill-the-boot campaign taking in over a $1,000,000 it had absolutely no right to.

My information was dismissed then as speculative and lacking in proof.

Not any more.

The reality is actually worse than I had detailed.

This morning, former IAFF Chief of Staff and current Eastern District Trustee candidate Pete Gorman released the details of the long running scam to extort money from MDA.

Under General President Harold Schaitberger, the MDA fill-the-boot effort has become a substantial revenue generator netting as much or more than the IAFF’s own Financial Corporation, an extraordinary fact.



We sucker a children’s charity for more than we earn from a for-profit business.

Gorman, who certainly would be in a position to know, states that at most the IAFF spends $200,000 on MDA to begin with.

If we were recouping, it should be no more than that amount.

But many strongly disagree with even taking a cent of the money we collect from the public.

What would they think if they knew we were holding back $1,400,000?

We brag that we are “in the big leagues” but big leaguers actually donate to their signature charities with direct payments and in-kind services.

Not Schaitberger.

He wants 600% profit on the “deal.”

Sources say the IAFF takes so much money from MDA they have trouble figuring out where to hide it, stashing it in line items like Whitey Bulger’s many bank accounts.

Howie McClennan must be turning in his grave at the specter of Harold Schaitberger bilking the charity that Boston Local 718 made.

The culture of our once great union has changed to the point that the next few days will no doubt see IAFF members rushing to defend a guy who is stealing from a church collection plate.

How far we have fallen with Schaitberger at the wheel.

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  • Alex Johnson says:

    Where did all the Harold supporters run off to?

  • Robert Marshall says:

    Kinda sounds like the Clinton’s and their Global Foundation. Follow the money and the pigs at the trough. RICO time.

  • good work says:


  • Brian says:

    Why do you lie? You have no proof. You say that the IAFF website states that they get a percentage of MDA funds. I do not see it anywhere. Eric Lamar is a liar and troublemaker


      If the Pete Gorman quote can be confirmed I’d believe him until proven otherwise.

    • Miles Raulerson says:

      I have been a firefighter and a member of the IAFf for over 24 years. All the money we collect doing Fill the Boot is given directly to MDA. The IAFF can’t get a penny of it.

  • Mike says:

    Doesn’t surprise me one bit.
    The corruption is and will always be.
    Everyone needs turn limits

  • G.Pendland says:

    Sounds like the TRumps and their foundation which paid 0 to nothing to charities, but idiot trump had a giant portrait of himself painted with the money. Judge ruled trump family could never have a charity again

  • Ben M says:

    “Sources say the IAFF takes so much money from MDA…..”

    Not saying this is true or false. If true, its total BS. BUT, “sources say” means nothing in this fake news world. Verify it, or dont even try to “break the story.”

  • Jim Peterson says:

    I’m done donating. I’ll just buy a pizza and deliver to my local firemen.

  • Loyal union members says:

    Simply heartbroken

  • Tim carson says:

    That explains why they are backing creepy Joe.

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