IAFF: Trouble in Ontario

Recent comments hint that all is not “sweetness and light” at the Ontario (Canada) Professional Firefighters Association (OPFFA).

The OPFFA apparently sued two members over their private work on behalf of workers comp claimants only to be counter-sued for $12m.

Ellard Beaven Writes:

“…How did the OPFFA enter into a lawsuit against Paul and Colin without it being brought to the convention floor? The OPFFA executive under Carmen’s leadership voted to sue and announce it at seminar and now have been counter sued for12 million. So this June they will probably ask for more money for an unconstitutional lawsuit and if we lose the OPFFA will be bankrupt. I remember when the OPFFA was a proud and honest organization that never had their integrity in question… What happened???”

From “I know a crook”

“Ellard, I can answer your question…….Carmen is a CROOK, not only in Oakville when he was the president but in the OPFFA…..the problem is the OPFFA is full of wannabe leaders…….OPFFA locals are sheep……following the leaders off the cliff. If you ask me….in 5 years there will be no OPFFA…..more locals are looking to LEAVE…!!!”

From “I Hate OPFFA Liars….”

“Fred and Carmen ….talk to the families and stop spreading rumors like facebook bullies….

People, read it and weep….. Sad Fred and Carmen need to hide behide their AUTHORITie…..spelt wrong on purpose for Carmen….”

From “Against OPFFA Corruption”

“Wow…..get a load of this….Fred and Carmen got some EXPLAINING to do Lucy !!!!”

From “Frank Local 3888”

“Hey Frank, Runmymouthoff …..worry about your own glass house local before throwing imaginary stones…..ya we know you are a Wannabe IAFF guy…….but you have a long line in front of you….take a number and hold on…..Once F.L and C.S are kicked aside …..maybe you move up to number 314……good luck!”

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