Orlando: A Message From God?

Will the Preachers Please Advise?

Roger Jimenez

Roger Jimenez

Several clergy, most notably Roger Jimenez of Sacramento, California, have invoked the Holy Bible effectively calling the murder of dozens of people at an Orlando night club an act of God.

He says, “homosexuals are pedophiles” and their sin is “worthy of death”, essentially divine retribution.

Jimenez proves that the most radical and hate infused Islamic Cleric is one with his brothers in America who kneel at the Cross while praising the killing of innocent people.

They are so close you couldn’t slide a communion wafer between them.

Conscience Comes First

These religious leaders, whatever their stripe, prove that an intact and functional conscience, something they clearly lack, must underlay and inform religious devotion.

Their piety and fervor in the absence of human decency is an excuse to foment murder under the guise of false prophets.

It is subhuman in the way that Hitler reduced the victims of the Holocaust to organisms to be eradicated.

Hitler was a prophet too, though a secular one, peddling a “religion” derived also from a text, Mien Kampf, one that he happened to write himself.

For those who wish to see the hand of God in mayhem, I am anxious for them to tell us what The Almighty was up to when he sent that alligator to snatch 2-year-old Lane Graves from the arms of his father, also in Orlando and also this week.

What essential doctrinal lesson are we to take from that?

Lane Graves

Lane Graves

And please do better than trotting out that “devil” stuff.

In fact, if there are devils in this story they are Roger Jimenez and his cohorts, an army of God.









  • Mike says:

    Well said, Jimenez is not a whole lot different then the islamic jihadist and and other religious leaders who preaches the same message. His clothing maybe different but his messages the same. By the way if you send me money, I can save the world God told me so!

  • David Anders says:

    The apostle Paul stated; “Christ died for the ungodly of whom I am chief.” If the apostle Paul said this about himself, what about me? We are all worthy of death but Christ died for us all. I believe he not only died but rose again (alive) the third day after his death. The preacher from Sacramento, of all people, should have known this. We need to be praying for all the families who are victims of this horable act not condeming them.

  • Smitty says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Eric. Those so-called religious leaders who are fomenting this kind of hate are no better than Donald Trump or ISIS. I wonder how Jesus and his apostles would react to these messages of hatred. I guess some religious leaders weren’t in class the day they learned Jesus said don’t judge lest thee be judged. This kind of hatred and violence should always be decried, even more so in the case of the Orlando killings when perpetrated on an already-vulnerable population. Aren’t Christians supposed to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and love everyone? There are not enough words to decry the actions of radical religious.

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