IAFF: Missing In Action

Afraid of What?

Our Dear Leader

Our Dear Leader

The IAFF is making organizational history of the worst kind as Schaitberger and his do-nothing board piss their figurative pants over who to endorse for US president.

With each passing week we become ever more irrelevant as the opportunity to really make a difference to a candidate slips from our grasp.

Thanks to their collective and cowardly inertia, the IAFF has missed the opportunity to “either get in early or make a difference”, Schaitberger’s very own political mantra.

In a truly astonishing move, Schaitberger actually sent out an email yesterday to affiliate leaders telling them we were still doing nothing!

Bold union?


He said, “The Executive Board met again earlier this month and discussed the presidential endorsement once again, and we again determined that we are going to let the process continue to play out and not step into that arena.”

WTF, over?

Again, again, again.

Enough, already.

Get off your fat asses and make a decision.

What’s Really Going On

Say it isn’t so but only a complete dumb ass doesn’t know by now that Schaitberger is a common thief who has also robbed brother union members of their dignity and rights while spying on the rest of us.

He stops at nothing-including stealing from crippled kids-to line his pockets and live the high life.

He rapes MDA so blatantly that they have trouble hiding the cash, $1.4 million worth.

And, incredibly, IAFF members sit back and say it’s ok.

Still, he has a formidable following of bloated carcasses out there who are willing to acquiesce in the destruction of the IAFF so long as they get their little pay-off as a field service representative or an instructor or some other sinecure.

Just below them on the ladder of shame are the morons decrying the fact that all of this is playing out on social media.

News bulletin, knuckleheads:  Schaitberger entirely controls the flow of information at the IAFF and it’s one-way: towards him.

This is the ONLY way to get the word out.

He hides his inappropriate business deals with his cronies while he converts wheel chairs to wine, a corrupt labor thug masquerading as Lord Jesus.

Schaitberger and the Board won’t make a decision because by doing so they might upset their shakedown of the IAFF.

They are a pack of pussies in search of their next ball of catnip.


They can’t be bothered.

And, most of them are lined up for another free four-year ride yet still can’t muster the collective balls to choose.

There you have it.

Our once great union has become paralyzed by its own corruption and the inability to endorse a presidential candidate is the very best and unassailable proof possible.

Despite the obvious and glaring facts, many of you sorry asses will continue to back these thieves even as they rip off sick kids to fund their next steak dinner.

F@*king disgraceful.

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