IAFF & MDA: Where’s “Edzo”?

Run Silent, Run Deep

It has been indisputably confirmed that the IAFF under Harold Schaitberger rips off sick kids to the tune of $1,400,000 each year.

That’s just about a nickel of every dollar brother and sister firefighters and paramedics collect from the public.

Certainly a sobering thought when you stand out there with a boot in your hand in 90 degree temperatures as sweat runs down your back.

The Schaitberger “take” is so much money that the IAFF all but gives up trying to “hide” it in the budget.

It’s no surprise that Our Dear Leader has been silent on the scandal; he thinks it might go away.

It won’t.

But, are we also surprised that we have not heard a peep out of “Edzo”, the presumptive heir to the number two spot in DC?



After all, he wants to manage the funds at the IAFF.

Ironically, the firefighter muscular dystrophy effort began in his home local, Boston 718.

Harold Schaitberger has taken 718’s proud achievement and turned it into an endless roll of nickels he can use for fancy dinners, $100 bottles of wine and Cadillac Escalades.

Does “Edzo” approve of that specifically and does he generally think that is the way the IAFF should operate?

We have no idea because where he is concerned, “mums the word.”

“Edzo” is uncontested in his race to the top.

In that position candidates have two clear options.

The timid, go-along-get-along types keep silent for fear of saying anything that might in any way offend anyone.

Genuine leaders, on the other hand, use the situation to state their beliefs and define their vision.

The IAFF rip off of MDA is such a gross example of moral and ethical corruption that it demands comment by “Edzo.”

We believe that our professional mission is to protect (and rescue when needed) everyone, but most especially the young and the old.

We are betraying ourselves, individually and collectively, when we tolerate Schaitberger’s MDA theft.

“Edzo”  your silence is deafening.

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  • Rick Hoffman says:

    So for quite sometime now you’ve banged on the GP and leaders on the Board. You’ve gained little to no traction, as a matter of fact it actually caused a huge outcry in SUPPORT for the GP. I’m not going to get into a discussion of what’s wrong with our IAFF because like anything there is certainly room for improvement on all levels. That should come without saying. I’d like to point out that the very person you choose to ATTACK now is the guy who stood up against the ” wishes” of the GP and ran for the number 2 job. In doing this he has crossed the country and Canada and gain a HUGE amount of support. If that’s because he’s young and enthused and a great speaker or if it’s simply our IAFF needed a bit of change the fact is Ed Kelly will become the number 2 guy. I for one love it. Along with Ed there will be other new leaders taking positions on the board to lead this great Union. So how about you let this new board, these new leaders come in and start to work on the future of ALL OF US before you start spreading your manure on the very person that we throughout this Great Union decided to back long before it became an uncontested race for the GST spot. Just my two cents!!!
    Rick Hoffman
    Pres. Local 734.

    • Eric Lamar says:


      This “It has been indisputably confirmed that the IAFF under Harold Schaitberger rips off sick kids to the tune of $1,400,000 each year… Does “Edzo” approve of that specifically and does he generally think that is the way the IAFF should operate?” is an entirely appropriate question.

      And, since you took the time to write in, do YOU think it is appropriate?

      Have we now reached the point where you can’t even ask candidates obvious questions?

      Would their feelings be hurt?


      • Rick Hoffman says:

        I’m not on the “inside”. I stated I’m sure we as Union can improve. Your accusations are simply that!! I’d rather let the new leadership get settled in then see how things are then. If ALL of your accusations are true then hell no it’s not acceptable. But I will not make that determination on your ability to simply write a blog with what YOU call FACTS!!

        • Eric Lamar says:


          You don’t need to be on the “inside”, in fact, that’s the problem, Schaitberger tries to hide all the info but some leaks out.

          The 1.4M dollars in MDA money is an example. Even he doesn’t deny it.

          Those are the facts, plain and simple.

          It’s not an accusation but a statement of reality: the IAFF rips off sick kids to fund his (and the board’s) lavish living.

          Your “let the new leadership settle in” is laugh-out-loud funny.

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