Harold Schaitberger: Our Fidel

IAFF Delegate Writes:

Our Fidel

Our Fidel

“I’ve heard HAS speak at many gatherings. There’s a running joke about his presentations being similar to those of Fidel Castro.

At a recent state association convention, he mentioned his many dinners (an obvious reference to you Eric), defending them as sessions in which things get done. Meal time is sacred in the firehouse. It’s the time we get to bond and shoot the shit about the job, our families, our problems, etc. We don’t expense our firehouse meals. We come out of pocket.”

Come to think of it, there is more than a little similarity between Our Dear Leader and Castro.

Of course, the most obvious is that they both came early, and stayed late, much too late.

Castro was in power for nearly fifty years and turned the country he promised to liberate into a one-party oligarchy where his chief quest was the complete consolidation of power.

Sounds like I am describing the IAFF under Our Deal Leader, doesn’t it?

Schaitberger shamelessly destroyed any semblance of democracy in our union, first by pestering Vincent Bollon to retire mid-term and then rigging the election of Tom Miller to succeed him in an act that enraged IAFF board members, most of all Danny Todd.

Schaitberger also meddles in district level races pulling dirty tricks to rob states and provinces of their right to a free and fair election.

The Fourth District is the latest and most obvious example where he has briefly flirted with Niemiec, Smith, Hoffman, Martynuska and Pantelis.

Schaitberger cares not who is best for the district but rather who he will be able to control.

Shouldn’t IAFF districts be able to choose their vice presidents free of Schaitberger’s manipulation?

Like the citizens of Cuba, IAFF members have been denied their rights for so long they actually believe this is the way things are supposed to work.

Just as for Fidel in Havana, they turn out enthusiastically to root for the man who has deprived them of their rights and freedoms.

Castro is ruthless and so, too, is Schaitberger.

Evidence is hardly wanting and as just one example, he robbed former brother Darren Bates (read about Bates here) of his right to due process and irrevocably damaged his reputation when Bates was innocent.

Schaitberger also lies continuously in whisper campaigns designed to damage those he cannot control.

In that respect he is more Stalin than Castro in his drive to destroy all who stand in his way.

The good news is that people have finally figured it out.

On the road he has become an angry, bitter and very defensive man choosing to obliquely bat down the truths that are now so well known:  he cheats the IAFF, steals from sick children and routinely manipulates affairs for his own advantage.

All in all, he manages to make Castro look like George Washington, no mean feat, that.

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