Schaitberger Hides as Trumka Takes on Trump

Trumka Proves Real Union Leaders Do Exist

Trumka Takes on Bigot Trump

Trumka Takes on Bigot Trump

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka fights back against Donald Trump’s bigoted speech and actions in stark contrast to IAFF General President Harold Schaitberger’s complete silence.

NBC News quotes Trumka,”If you are trying to raise wages for working people, you cannot do that so long as racism exists…”

USA Today on Trumka saying, “I’ve been around a while,” Trumka lumped the Republican front-runner with other politicians “trying to divide working people, talking about ‘us’ and ‘them.'”

And, Politico, “AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka called Donald Trump “a bigot” while speaking to the Plasterers and Cement Workers union…”

And “Trump is running on hate.”

Tough Guy, LOL

Mommy Can't It All Just Be Over?

Mommy Can’t It All Just Be Over?

Schaitberger’s latest reason for his cowardly and inexplicable total silence is that he is waiting to see who the vice presidential picks will be.


I am sure other AFL-CIO leaders are having a ball with that one.

By the way, does the IAFF really expect to be taken seriously by the labor movement or political allies with Schaitberger cowering in fear, unwilling and unable to speak out against bigots?

The IAFF is the laughing stock or worse of the American labor movement because the guy in charge won’t stand up for the dignity and the rights of his members.

Which, of course, makes the whole “taking care of business” bullshit more absurd then ever.

How ‘Bout Some “Balls” After 16 Years?

Most leaders become ever bolder as they age in office.

Not our little pussy cat.

His trembling inaction and complete unwillingness to fight for IAFF members shows the real man: totally out to protect his sweet and cushy deal at the expense of the men and women he loves to say he is there for.

But, should we really be surprised?

After all, this is the same guy who rips off sick children to the tune of $1.5 million a year, so much cash he can’t hide it all in the IAFF budget.

Our “tough guy” has ample cover from the likes of Richard Trumka and Republican US Senators Lindsey Graham, Ben Sasse and others who hammer Trump over his bigoted and racist conduct, yet he hides in the political equivalent of a dark closet, hands over his ears and a pacifier soaked in some trendy Merlot jammed firmly in his mouth.

True enough, but we are the real suckers and we don’t even get a pacifier.

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  • Ronald Evers says:

    If this is true it’s sad that the members put up with it!

  • Mike Mohler says:

    First , let me qualify myself, I’m not a fan of Richard Trumka. I do admire the very public stance he is taking against the racist candidate Donald Trump. At one time Harold Schaitberger fashioned himself as being qualified to be head of the AFL-CIO. At the time I and I’m certain Eric thought this was a great idea and would have loyally served him. But having become enlightened, albeit the hard way, as to what HAS is and always has been, nothing would be worse for the Labor movement. HAS would also have us believe that he is a loyal trade unionist. You only need to look at the IAFF today to see the serious lack of identification,by our members at large,with the values necessary to sustain the Labor movement. If you’re interested in where the root of the problem exists you need to look closely at our IAFF leadership led by our dear leader HAROLD A. SCHAITBERGER. Those of you who choose to make Eric the villain are seriously missing the boat or purposely burying your collective heads in the sand. I for one have worked almost my whole working life supporting the Labor movement and will continue to use my voice in as strong away as possible. I hope some or most of you who continue to use Eric as your reason for not engaging to overcome the cancer that rests at the top of the IAFF will understand the importance of being aware of what is happening with our hard earned dues: then step up and lend your voice and energy to protecting the integrity of our Union. We’ve come to far to allow the greed of a few to outweigh the needs of the majority.

  • Delagate says:

    Afyer reading months and months of blogs put on and continuously shared by walsh to me it seems as if these folks are disgruntled past employees who instead of coming up with a solution continue to cry like a bunch of fucking babies… you know you went aside with the gp for years and did very little to call this man out and now you’re not in the iaff you bash him…to me thats being a coward, wait till the fights over and run your mouths… stand behind your blog and continue to further make yourself look like a bunch of pussies because i read this each week and laugh about thinking how pathetic you are!!!

  • Matt says:

    He’s not my favorite guy, but he smart enough to know that the rank and file DESPISE Hillary and if he pushes the endorsement to hard could end up losing his fiefdom.

  • Wayne says:

    Almost every member of my local has stated that if the IAFF endorses that lying Bitch they are burning their union cards. I would be the first one to strike a match to mine with the local charter mailed COD to Washington. Silence rings very loud in this case

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