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Death in Baton Rouge


Three Baton Rouge, Louisiana, police officers were murdered yesterday in a daylight ambush by Gavin Long.

Long was later killed.

He  was from Missouri and apparently leaves behind a trail of social media posts defining his radical views and beliefs.

According to the Guardian, “In May 2015, Long filed court papers in Jackson County, Missouri, declaring himself a member of the United Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah Mu’ur Nation – a radical “Moorish” splinter group of the so-called sovereign citizens movement.

The murdered officers are Montrell Jackson, Matthew Gerald and Brad Garafola.

All American Violence

Beyond the shock of it all the question is how to ensure the safety of cops and the public under such threats.

Steve Loomis, president of the police union in Cleveland, Ohio, where all eyes are this week, has proposed officers work in squads of three to better keep an eye out for one another.

But, by far his most noteworthy demand is to ban “open carry” weapons in Cleveland, at least during the Republican Convention, which starts today.

CNN reports Loomis as saying, “you can’t go into a crowded theater and scream fire. And that’s exactly what they’re doing by bringing those guns down there.”

Ohio Governor John Kasich has said that he lacks the authority to institute such a ban.

That may be easy for Kasich to say as he, like dozens of other Republicans, is skipping the coronation in Cleveland this week.

Amidst all this, it needs to be mentioned that the Cleveland, Ohio, police department does not have the best reputation for responsible policing.

In 2014, Cleveland officer Timothy Loehmann shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice who was sitting on a swing holding an air gun, within seconds of leaving his cruiser.

In 2012, thirteen Cleveland police officers fired 137 shots at two unarmed people in a car at the conclusion of a chase.

That’s starting to sound like Blackwater in Baghdad.

One of those officers, Michael Brelo, stood on the hood of a patrol car and fired 49 shots into the windshield of the stopped car.

He was later acquitted of criminal charges but he and five other officers were fired.

The Guardian reported that, “The Brelo case caused widespread outrage and led to an investigation of the use of excessive force by the Cleveland police department. In February 2013, the Ohio attorney general, Mike DeWine, found that the chase and killing of Russell and Williams represented “a systematic failure in the Cleveland police department”.

Military Service

Cop murderers and terrorists Micah Johnson and Gavin Long were war veterans of the Army and Marines, respectively.

Officer Brelo was also a Marine combat veteran.

Cleveland.com stated, Brelo told investigators “that his U.S. Marine Corps infantry training taught him to take an elevated position to avoid crossfire, according to a report by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.”

Both cop killers and cops alike use their military experience here in the homeland, a fact worth pondering.






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