Schaitberger’s VP Dodge: Now He Knows, Now What?

Happy to Let You in on the Big Secret

Pence: Against Worker's Rights

Pence: Against Worker’s Rights

So, Our Dear Leader has been furiously stalling, telling us the reason the IAFF is dead-in-the-water politically, is because he was waiting to find out who the US vice-presidential candidates would be.

Well, now he knows that Bigot Trump has chosen Indiana’s Mike Pence, a virulent anti-union and anti-worker running mate.

According to AFSCME, which by the way, has a president, Lee Saunders,  who actually speaks out on behalf of his members, Pence supports right-to-work, opposes raising the minimum wage and opposes expanding worker’s rights, as in firefighter collective bargaining.

Lee Saunders, AFSCME

Lee Saunders, AFSCME

Here is Saunders, talking about Donald Trump and workers, “Trump is a dangerous and unstable demagogue who thinks American wages are too high and has called for gutting workers’ rights.”

Schaitberger has known that Trump trashes women and minorities first for who they are, and then as working Americans.

Now he knows that Trump has chosen a partner in crime who hates unions.

Yet Our Dear Leader bites his tongue and sits on his hands.

For him, mum’s the word.

Our Dear Leader

Our Dear Leader

If he is such a tough guy and we are such a bold union, what is going on?

The answer?

It’s easy, really.

He’s up for re-election and he is protecting his deal because his deal always comes first.

Rather than take a stand for his members at this crucial moment, he will jeopardize the very reputation and future of our union in order to be crowned king once again.

And, he is a king, you know, surrounded by his bobble-headed knights errant a few of whom are also fat Falstaffs, fawning buffoons to the bitter end.

Jekyll and Hyde

Mark my word, if he should be re-elected, that very instant, before your dehydrated Las Vegas eyes, the evil Hyde will return with a vengeance.

Jekyll won’t disappear, he will have been killed off.

With the flush of power and his fat cat deal secure, he will go from meek pussy cat to Richard Nixon on steroids faster than you can say Silver Oak.

He’s been playing for time and when he no longer has to, his first phone call, probably from the dais, will be to Madam Clinton to whisper sweet nothings in her ear as he pulls out all the stops to re-kindle that romance after he got the “me first” jitters and dumped her at the endorsement altar.

It won’t be hard.

She’ll say, “Oh, Harold, you’re too much.”

He’ll say, “When can we grab dinner, I have a check for you.”

He will dump the flustered trumpsters quicker than a john fleeing a raided whorehouse.


He won’t need them anymore, he played them along and he will return to his old ways, sucking up to anyone he perceives as having power to elevate his mega-ego.

By the way, in his calculation Trump/Pence is a political titanic, water already sloshing over the foredeck and he is ready to jump on the Demo-bandwagon.

"So Long, Suckers."

“So Long, Suckers.”

And there the trumpsters will be, choking on the dust as Our Dear Leader gallops away into the far distance.

Maybe he will turn and wave.

I’m thinking not.

“So long, suckers.”

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  • IAFF Delegate says:

    HAS is up for re-election but has no opponent. Unless of course there will be a contender announced at Convention next month. Even then, it would probably be a piss in the wind. We’ll see.

    Absent any endorsement until Vegas, I suspect there will be a floor motion to endorse Secretary Clinton. We’ll see how that goes.

  • Joe blow says:

    Would live to see a floor vote. If it were put to a vote with the entire membership, Trump would win hands down! Ditto for the auto workers, the coal miners and many other union members.

  • IAFF Delegate says:

    I’m not sure that would happen Joe blow. It would be a sad day for labor if it did. With several SCOTUS appointments coming in the next few years and a lot of money (Koch Brothers) willing to bankroll a SCOTUS appeal, the choice is clear. Unless of course union members are willing to throw away pretty much everything that has been gained over many years.

  • Ray Steffens says:

    I lost my credibility to my members in 2008 when I convinced many to vote Democrat because Obama had promised us collective bargaining, SAFER, FIRE act, to cut our work week to 48 hrs. etc. And the democrats had 60 Senators and a majority in the house and we still had to fight like hell for Safer and FIRE and never saw collective bargaining or the reduction in hours. So I’m sitting this one out. Especially since I’d prefer to vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE.

  • IAFF Delegate says:

    If any labor organization member believes that a President Trump would be best for their situation, they are oh so sadly misinformed.

    Do you not think that Harold’s wishy-washy endorsement of President Obama may have cost us the juice to get national collective bargaining? Instead of blaming POTUS, perhaps you look at the leadership of our International.

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