“One-Two” Punch: Is the GOP Moving On?

Kasich Rolls the Grenade


John Kasich, the sitting governor of the presidential bellwether state of Ohio is asserting, according to CNN, that, “Trump’s son, Donald Jr., tried to entice Kasich with a position as the most powerful vice president in history, but he turned it down. Kasich would have been in charge of all domestic and foreign policy in a Trump White House.”

Multiple sources back up the claim.

If there can be anything more astonishing than the offer itself, it’s the cold-blooded way it was strategically leaked to the press in order to do the maximum amount of damage to the Trump campaign, as it clearly raises the specter that Trump isn’t really interested in being president.

In fact, it is also reported that when Trump, Jr. made the offer he was asked, “What will Trump do?”, to which, the answer was, “Make America great again.”

The grenade roll by Kasich is the political equivalent of a soldier charging up a hill held by the enemy but it’s not Hill 2016, it’s Hill 2020.

Cruz Takes a Pass

From Bedrock?

Need more evidence that crucial elements of the Republican party are stepping back to limit damage to the party identity and to preserve their political future?

Last night Ted Cruz went right into the den of the angry lion and took a very public pass on lending his support to his party’s nominee.

He refused to endorse under intense pressure.

Though neither Kasich nor Cruz are my “cup of tea”, so to speak, they both show signs of leadership.

They occupy positions of power and they have something to lose by taking action outside mainstream expectations, going against the tide, yet that is exactly what they are doing.

I beg your pardon in advance for pointing out here that that is the polar opposite of what IAFF General President Harold Schaitberger is doing this election cycle.

He is in similar position to Kasich and Cruz but has chosen to cower in silence rather than take a stand.

It is a sorry state of affairs, indeed, when the IAFF is forced to look to Ted Cruz for leadership examples.

Ike Is Turning In His Grave



Racist Republican Congressman Steve King was yammering on like the fool he is the other day about the mighty virtues of Western Peoples (White folk) and today, Donald Trump is quoted as saying he is ready to turn his back on the very European countries, and people, King was referring to.

The bedrock of post WWII stability has been the NATO alliance and now Trump is willing to allow NATO to fragment and collapse.

How can it be that the party of Eisenhower can come to this?

Ike understood, even after the expenditure of untold blood and treasure during WWII, that you cannot back away, you must engage and you must protect what you value.

Anger: No Substitute for Vision

Today’s Times quotes Jason R. Anavitarte, a Georgia delegate saying, “He [Trump] lets all of that anger that people have built up just come out of his mouth.”

Trump’s offer to Kasich, however arm’s length it was, proves that beyond his monumental anger not only does he not have a vision or plan, he simply is not interested in the fundamental and very hard work of being president.

And, Kasich and his co-hort have figured that out and are moving on.

Tough and risky, but also very smart.



  • IAFF Delegate says:

    “He [Trump] lets all of that anger that people have built up just come out of his mouth.”

    Why are the trumpsters so angry? Oh that’s right, they’ve been watching Faux News and listening to crazies.

  • Star witness says:

    That’s the dens spin

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