IAFF Politics: Tim Kaine and Being on the Sidelines

Schaitberger’s Cowardly Dithering


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Many will know that Harold Schaitberger’s latest excuse for sitting out Campaign 2016 is waiting to see who the respective vice-presidential choices are, as if that could, or should in any way influence the decision on who to support.

He probably knows by now that HRC chose Virginia’s Tim Kaine, who has a lifetime AFL-CIO rating of 96% on their issues.

Trumpster apologist Mike Pence’s AFL-CIO rating is 5%.

Maybe Our Dear Leader will call another expensive and totally absurd meeting of the IAFF board to figure out whether or not it should be Kaine or Pence for working union families.

All About Harold

Our Dear Leader, on the sidelines

Our Dear Leader, on the sidelines

Schaitberger believes, and his sycophants reinforce, that the external politics of the IAFF are all (and only) about him.

It’s classic narcissistic behavior.

Here he is in a bind, courtesy of timing, his greed and the rise of Donald Trump.

Schaitberger is first and foremost motivated by his own deal, that is his re-election and access to the perquisites of office.

After that, he chooses whom to support based on whether or not that support will be good for him in his constant need to burnish his ego.

Trump, candidate of the angry white man, has thrown a big, fat wrench in all that.

In order to secure his own coronation, he has dodged the responsibility to lead the IAFF by suggesting that, where working families are concerned, it’s a dead heat between Trump/Pence and Clinton/Kaine.

He is a quivering failure.

Taking a Pass on Responsibility and Leadership

Mike Mohler and Tim Kaine

Mike Mohler and Tim Kaine

By choosing to sit on the sidelines Schaitberger has created a leadership vacuum which real IAFF leaders are stepping in to fill.

Thankfully for union members everywhere, other leaders have created strong and meaningful relationships with candidates all across the country.

Those relationships will now be key and will sustain us through Schaitberger’s craven inaction as he sits on his hands to ensure another four years of his cushy life on our dime rather than lead for the future of the IAFF.

It’s true:  real leaders make tough decisions and Harold Schaitberger fails miserably by that time-tested standard.

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  • Joe says:

    Maybe most members of the IAFF do not want to endorse her…or anyone. Ever think of that?

  • Jerome Bishop says:

    I always thought the I.A.F.F. backed it friends and opposed its foes. Now it seems our Union has developed a “ballsack” problem. Sad state of affairs.

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