Department of Irony: Trump, Clinton and the Obama Effect

Trump as the Anti-Obama


It has been said that Donald Trump is the exact opposite of Barack Obama and therefore the perfect antidote for those stricken deathly ill after eight years of a knee-grow president.

Trump’s spewing of racist and bigoted commentary and the support he draws puts Obama’s blackness center stage and seals the deal that Obama’s haters hate him most for the color of his skin.

The proof is that Republican party leaders readily acknowledge in concrete words that a racist is now their chief.

House Speaker Paul Ryan has described Donald Trump’s rhetoric as “the “textbook” definition of racist comments.”

Before Trump’s nomination, Obama haters could make clever attempts to disavow their racism but not any more.

The phrase they use is striking back against “political correctness” as if employing the speech of hate is an American ideal.

Republican leaders have clearly and repeatedly called Trump out for his bigoted and hateful speech and in doing so have unmasked his supporters who either stay silent about his conduct or gleefully cheer him on.

The Hillary Deficit


Many Democrats are not exactly over-enthused about Clinton’s candidacy.

The rise and powerful showing of Bernie Sanders is proof enough of that.

And, of course, Republicans despise her.

But, Hillary Clinton is clearly professionally qualified to be president with both the temperament and the experience to do the job.

And, if morality is really an issue, she imuch more qualified than Trump will ever be.

Still, for some Democrats she compares poorly with President Obama in many ways.

He has a fix for that.

The Obama Effect


It’s not surprising that Obama haters completely dismiss his legions of committed supporters who believe that his presidency is both a tour-de-force and a true American moment.

Those supporters are fiercely loyal to his example, his legacy and to him personally.

That loyalty, devotion actually, means that where the future of our country is concerned, they look to him for guidance and direction.

This past week he gave it.

In a powerful and personal message he asked his followers to vote for Hillary Clinton because this is a moment when experience, maturity and sanity is essential.

They will, too.

And what will be most ironic is when Donald Trump, the racist antidote to Obama, is beaten in no small part, not because of love for Hillary, but rather because of the extraordinary veneration for the man they call Barack.

That will be the anti-racist masterstroke, bar none.





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  • Dan says:

    Two words: Third party. Two more words: Gary Johnson. It’s time this country wakes up and understands that the two existing “primary” parties is dead. This year’s election cycle proves that. “A vote for the third party candidate is a vote for… ” is a cowardly response, from people who are afraid of something different, or worse, those who are so indoctrinated into their parties that they cannot see anything but red or blue. Gary Johnson may not be perfect, but he’s a better candidate than the two clowns (my apologies to clowns) that are running under the monikers Democrat and Republican.

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