Trump on Firefighters: “Don’t Know What the Hell They’re Doing”

Schaitberger on Sidelines as Trump Bashes Us

Firefighters a Disgrace

Firefighters a Disgrace

Our Dear Leader has been silent lo these many months as Donald Trump, bigot in chief, hurled slurs in all directions aimed at people of color, women and others.

Whether we support Hillary Clinton or not is completely irrelevant given Trump’s behavior.

If Schaitberger really cared about a strong union and his members, he would have done the right thing: called Trump out as a racist and destructive ideologue.

But it never happened because Our Dear Leader is first and foremost a coward out to protect his own sweet deal at the expense of the dignity of our members.

Trump on Fire Marshals: “A Disgraceful Situation”

That’s how Donald Trump describes (video here) the Colorado Springs fire marshals as they do their job.

To him, firefighters are a “disgrace.”

Actually, the disgrace is that Harold Schaitberger, Our Dear Leader, has sat on his hands as Trump does all he can to screw over working Americans.

Just what kind of a leader heaps scorn on a fire marshal enforcing rules to protect the public?

A total a**hole, that’s who.

And that a**hole has been aided and abetted by Harold Schaitberger who lacks the courage to stand up for us, even once.

Don’t Let the Weasel Weasel



Now that it looks like he can take a position that will keep his sweet deal safe, chances are good that Schaitberger will crank up the bullshit machine and rebuke Trump for, well, being Trump.

Don’t let him get away with it.

He has empowered Trump the racist bigot through his silence and he shouldn’t be allowed to hop on the righteous bandwagon now.

Schaitberger failed the test of leadership, a fact which should not be forgotten, especially at this moment.

He is a narcissistic faker just like Donald Trump.


Two peas in a pod.

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  • Robert J. McGrath says:

    As a fire chief in command of firefighter’s Trump’s remarks are a slap in the face of the brave highly trained firefighter’s in this nation. He should be brought to the scenes of the tragedies where the nations bravest fight to save lives and property day in and day out. He should witness the death and carnage associated. Let him carry out three dead children from their burning home on Christmas Eve like the firefighter’s in Stamford Ct. Had to do then see if he still calls firefighter’s by names. He is a total ass.

  • Ray Steffens says:

    As a retired FF/FM I was involved in monitoring many political events and often had to restrict entrance, sometimes to friends who dallied outside and arrived after the “number” had been hit. Politicians often rent rooms smaller than they figure they’ll need, because they want a “packed room”. They want the optics of people stacked shoulder to shoulder admiring the candidate and a room so loud the microphones break. They don’t believe thing (like broken elevators, fires or stampedes) can happen to them, and even when they do they figure the publicity is all the better. And if people get hurt or die, guess who gets the blame, not them.

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