Trump Busts Firefighters, Again

The Angry Narcissist

Trump lashed out at the Columbus, Ohio, fire marshal yesterday for adhering to a pre-arranged plan to limit the crowd size at an event there to 1,000 people.

Trump said the marshal’s limit was for purely political reasons.

DM reports that the fire marshal said, “the event was always to be limited to 1,000 audience members – something he insisted Trump’s own staff knew ahead of time.”

On a Roll

This is the second time in as many days that Trump has criticized firefighters saying they “don’t know what the hell they’re doing” or that they are disgraceful.

Now he suggests that firefighters are politically motivated Democrats, a faux pas of epic proportions.

Many firefighters would much rather be called disgraceful than a Democrat , which just proves how clueless Trump is.

He not only can’t play to his base, he is totally into pissing them off.

Bully Time

Trump’s only tool is anger and that makes him the complete “tool” that he is.

He can never admit that he is wrong and continually lashes out as his only defense.

At the end of the day, Trump doesn’t want support, he wants to dominate or entirely destroy people in the process.

Such a person is unsuited to occupy a position of power in a democratic society.

It makes perfect sense that Putin and Trump lavish praise on one another as their style of leadership is rooted in the same principle of total authority and control.

Trump's Bud

Trump’s Bud

His lust for control is only matched by his complete lack of it in his demeanor.

He is reckless to the point of insanity.

And, Trump’s comments regarding his contact with Putin conclusively prove that he is a pathological liar who feels no compunction to stand by his words.

But not to worry, being slandered by Donald Trump simply puts folks in the same category as venerated fallen heroes and Gold Star families.

I will gladly stand with the family of Captain Khan anytime.







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