The “Deplorables”

“Deserving Strong Condemnation”

Jasper Johns

Jasper Johns

Mrs. Clinton, probably in between fits of coughing, recently referred to supporters of Donald Trump as “deplorable” wherein Mr. Trump evinced great alarm at his supporters being so described.

She singled some out as being, “…racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic …”

Trumpsters then pounced on her remark asserting that she was referring to all of them as intolerant or worse.

This is news?

Trump supporters represent the corp of zealots, many operating under cover of religion, who begin with questioning President Obama’s citizenship and then go on to attack him (incorrectly) for being Muslim, as if there were something wrong with that.

Trump denigrates blacks and women and “pigeonholes” Jews and others.

His legions eat it up, shouting of Hillary, “take the bitch down.”

All of the foregoing deserves strong condemnation.

It IS deplorable.

Sensing some momentum in uniting the neanderthals, (my apologies to neanderthals), Mike Pence rushed to Capitol Hill for support.

He didn’t find it.

House and Senate Republicans are way smarter than to head down the road of defending Trump and his hate-filled supporters.

Perhaps the best reason not to is that with weeks to go in the campaign, there is no telling what Trump will say next.

The Times even reports that Pence refused to agree that David Duke, the famous white supremacist and KKK guy was “deplorable.’

If not he, who?

Clinton’s comment in context was about people who are motivated by aggressive intolerance, a fact that is at least deplorable if not horrible.

Oddly, these people, fueled by their intolerance, perceive themselves as patriotically American, a position at odds with our Constitution which holds citizenship, rather than categorization by human trait, as the decisive factor.


Mrs Clinton may have trouble telling the truth, as her opponent certainly does, but here, and for sure, she was speaking it.





  • RHackett says:

    One thing the Trump campaign has exposed is the situational standards that have been used by conservatives the last 30 years. For at least that long we have been told that family values are a litmus for support.

    Trump has shown that isn’t the case.

    Does anyone believe the right wing evangelicals would say nothing if Hillary got on stage with her five children from three different men?

    Yet Trump did exactly that and that aspect of his life is not considered important.

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