Race & Politics: Trump Pivots

And Lies Again

For years Donald Trump has been the leader in questioning President Obama’s citizenship.

His reason was far more than a casual interest in Obama genealogy.

It was a sly and racist gambit to destroy our president through innuendo.

Colin Powell points out that when the President’s birthplace was undisputed, Trump was still eager to see if the birth certificate indicated if he was Muslim, more apparent fodder for his campaign of hate.

The Times reports that as late as Thursday night, Trump refused to relinquish his position.

Suddenly, yesterday, a 180 degree pivot.

Now, he says the president was born here (gee, thanks), but adds Clinton started the rumor that he was not.

He comes off as a five-year-old after a tantrum.

Trump has unrelentingly appealed to people who are at least in part, and often substantially, motivated by racist views and feelings.

We call them deplorables.

He has squeezed every drop of juice from the Obama citizenship lemon and now, at the 11th hour, perhaps in a fit of desperation, decides to change his tune.

Should his racist legions feel abandoned in the breach?

The course of his public life has conclusively shown that Trump believes in nothing and is subject to reversals on any and all positions.

He and his adherents chalk this up to “mogul negotiating.”

After all, everything has to be on the table.

When regular Americans react with outrage to his gutter tactics his response is to say that the election must be rigged against him.

There is no better example of how his titanic ego blinds him to the feelings, rights and views of others.

If he’s not winning, then the system is at fault.

It is the reaction of a demagogue too dangerous to accept.

His unrelenting attack on President Obama’s right to both call himself American and to lead our country nobly is a permanent stain which demands the strongest condemnation from those who believe in dignity and justice.

President Barack Obama pauses as he speaks to reporters about the fiscal cliff in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House in Washington, Friday, Dec. 21, 2012. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)






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