Hatein’ White Folk

It’s All About Success



Just when you thought that the current national crisis of police shootings of black men could not possibly get worse, in steps North Carolina Republican Congressman Robert Pettinger.

Pettinger, a Trump supporter, was being interviewed by Great Britain’s BBC when he explained protester anger in Charlotte, NC, site of a recent shooting, this way:  [they] “hate white people because white people are successful and they’re not.”

Pettinger later said on CNN, “I know many pastors in the African-American community. I trust and support them so much and I am hurt by what’s taking place and frankly, I apologize for the comments,” “They certainly weren’t meant in the context of how many viewed them.”

The last part is priceless.

Just how else could they be taken other than the obvious?

Pettinger asserts that the anger is based in class jealousy rather than indignation over a shooting.

Then, he rushes to embrace black preachers.

Perhaps he will skedaddle to the nearest black church and sway to the music so that all can be forgiven.

It shouldn’t be.



It’s one thing to take exception to protesters, especially those who endanger others and damage property.

To delegitimize community frustration by imputing class motivation as the cause is profoundly reckless.

Such statements cannot be walked back.

The Trump and Pettinger verdict is that blacks represent a monolithic underclass who have nothing to lose by joining their club.

I’d run in the other direction, with my hands in the air.




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