IAFF: Marvin Wilson Responds

“OK Eric, enough is enough. You are not changing anyone’s mind here. If you are that dis-satisfied, get the hell out and shut up. You are doing more damage than any one else has in my 47.6 year membership in this UNION.

Marvin Wilson

Dear Marvin:

Who said I was trying to change anyone’s mind?

The implication of your advice is that if anyone dares to disagree or speak out that they have no place in the IAFF.

It is just more proof that we are ruled by a petty dictator and his cronies.

You said, “You are doing more damage than any one else has in my 47.6 year membership in this UNION.

In fact, it is Harold Schaitberger who has nearly fatally damaged the IAFF with his corruption and wholesale lack of character and courage.

All I am doing is pointing out the completely obvious.

As for the advice, while I may be sitting down, I have absolutely no intention of either shutting up or getting out.




  • Star witness says:

    Marvin, obviously you are in Harold’s hip pocket or you’re not close enough to him to realize what he does. He is completely and strictly out for himself. Not for the members of the IAFF regardless of what some of you think. He is a self absorbed narcissistic individual with no real people that he truly considers a friend. He makes them think they are friends, but when the spirit moves him he’ll dump them like a hot potato. He just uses people until he’s done with them and then hangs them out to dry! After all, take a good look at what he did to Gorman. Also, there are many, many like poor Pete that got the ax for no reason at all other than they had integrity and commitment to the union and-stood up to all Harold’s bullshit. Harold is terrified of his crown slipping and not being able to control the masses. Eric Lamar is the only one that has taken the time and effort to fight for your union and had the balls to go up against Harold no matter what. You should get on your knees and thank him for his integrity and honesty!

  • David Anders says:

    Star Witness and Eric are two of a kind making all kinds of acuzations but not backing it up with one bit of proof. Both of you would fit perfectly in the Trump Campaign. Three Donald’s are a bit much.

  • Star witness says:

    Thank you for your compliments, David. The fact of the matter is, you have no idea or obviously don’t know Harold very well. Eric and I do. And, as far as proof, we both have it. You are what I call, someone that keeps their in the sand. Never taking time to do your own investigation. Or to figure anything out for yourself. You’re like the robot that is told what to do, and then you just perform.

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