Schaitberger: Unfit to Lead

A Coward at the Top

Our Dear Leader

Our Dear Leader

It’s now clear that this is a crucial moment in both American and union history.

Donald Trump, a candidate for president, spews hate and venom and despises working Americans.

He brags about his love for right-to-work as he rips off small business owners.

Perhaps his most serious transgression is to continually say that if he does not win it will be because the election was stolen from him.

Think about it, that is just what a spoiled four-year-old would say if they lost a game of marbles.

Only Trump’s words act to de-stabilize our country and system of government.

Donald Trump is a dangerous man.

Through it all, Harold Schaitberger has cowered in fear, terrified to be a leader and to defend the dignity of our members and the IAFF.

By remaining silent, Schaitberger allows Trump’s anti-union rhetoric to take hold.

A real leader would be telling it like it is, something Schaitberger loves to say he does, except he doesn’t.

Real Union Leaders

Schaitberger aside, the AFL-CIO is very fortunate to have real leaders fully capable and willing to defend their members and the union movement.

Lee Saunders of AFSCME:  “let’s be perfectly clear on the reasons why Donald Trump does not have the support of union members. He supports so-called right-to-work laws that make it harder to negotiate better wages, better benefits and a secure retirement, and result in lower wages for all working families. Trump has even bragged about preventing his employees from unionizing.”

Randy Wiengarten of AFT: “Donald made millions while he ripped off workers and small businesses with his unfair business practices—remember, he ended up bankrupting his companies not once, not twice, but four times. And his economic ideas will make millionaires like him richer at the expense of the middle class.”
Leo Gerard of the Steelworkers: “But Donald Trump …has never been a blue-collar worker. His soft hands have never felt the rough insides of work gloves. Donald Trump is the birthright financial elite. He is a billionaire royalist trying to take over America.”
Liz Powell of the Postal Workers: “Board members feel it is imperative to defeat Donald Trump, whose campaign is based on bigotry and divisiveness. Trump’s blatant attempts to incite racial, ethnic, and religious divisions are offensive and dangerous, we need unity and solidarity.”
David Cox of AFGE: “Donald Trump wants to throw veterans to the wolves…Private health care for veterans would be an expensive disaster, and no one should be fooled into believing otherwise.
Stuart Appelbaum of UFCW: “People may be angry, but Trump’s approach would make things worse for working people. And as working people understand who Trump is and what he’s about, they will not support him — because he does not support them.”

Feet of Clay

There is no explanation for Schaitberger’s failure to defend us other than plain cowardice.
He is standing our motto of “we stand with those who stand with us” on its head.
Trump has never stood with us; he loves right-to-work.
At a decisive moment in our history, our so-called “leader” shows he has feet of clay.
He has failed the test of leadership and we will pay the price.





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