“She” Finishes Him Off

Fitting and Proper

Donald Trump has insulted prisoners of war, Latinos, including a sitting federal judge, repeatedly shamed the parents of an American soldier killed in combat and ridiculed a reporter with a disability.

His fervent supporters have variously explained away his appalling behavior by suggesting that it is all part of the Donald’s “telling it like it is.”

It now turns out that in 2005 Trump was recorded also telling it like it is when it comes to how he treats women.

According to Trump, his stardom confers on him the right of sexual ownership where he can grab, kiss and fondle without consent.

He claimed it was locker room banter but it was anything but.

Locker room banter is talking about how “hot” someone is, not explaining your rationale and procedure for committing sexual assault.

There is a difference.

Much to Trump’s eternal regret, Anderson Cooper, during the last debate, nailed Trump down by asking him to specifically deny that he had ever done what he says he does.

He denied it and the floodgates opened as his victims decided to call him out.

Trump, Pence, Gingrich and Giuliani, trolls all,  call these women liars and worse.

In almost all cases the women had immediately reached out to someone and recounted the assault in detail.

That means that their statements could be corroborated and they were.

Are we really to believe that a conspiracy among nine women stretches back decades to catch Trump now?

Trump loves conspiracy theories but few people are buying this one.

Women are repulsed by his recorded statements and by his calling his victims liars.

They will be the decisive factor in his defeat and it is fitting that they should rise up to slay the man who has treated them as nothing more than objects to quench his carnal desire.




  • Victoria Huckenpahler says:

    Trump is exercising what in France they used to call “droit de seigneur” — that is, the right of the Lord of the Manner, so to speak, to bed any of the staff or village ladies he wished. Of course, I don’t want Trump, and I do believe this latest has done him in. But the sad part is that both candidates are so ethically flawed. It is truly depressing to reflect that this is what our country has come to.

  • Miguel lima says:

    At least Trump puts his behavior out in the open instead of the land of make believe that the others hide and do their dirty work in. The most unethical a and deceitful people hide in our political realm claiming justification for ignorance. We need to back and respect our new president. God bless America

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